Toronto Sun blog - Why the CFL is just plain Bad

Why the CFL is just plain Bad

blog from Toronto Sun
by Dan Biliki

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everyone is entitled to their own opinion I gather...

although ironically, many of the points opined against the CFL by the author is what makes it such a great game IMO.

...all you have to do is read the comments section below his feeble-minded attempt at a sports editorial

lol, I actually got a kick out of it.

Who wouldn't want to be a part of the biggest party in the country? Feel sorry for him.

keep in mind....this was a blog in the Toronto Sun. I put that on the same table as the Enquirer and the rest of the trash mags!

Must be a type, why the CFL is just plain Fantastic. Oh well, typos happen all the time out there. :o

The writer is from Toronto. At least the CFL can be something even if "bad" according to this writer, Toronto's NFL team is just plain non-existent - just plain nothing. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess the CFL must be super, getting booed like great athletes often do in the other teams stadium or arena. Certainly not "nothing" :wink:

Why would anybody here actually take the time and read what I assume is a garbage article that was written by a stereotypical USA loving toronto "reporter"? Guys like these get rated in part on how much attention (webpage hits) they get. By reading it, you're doing exactly what they want you to do even if you don't agree at all.

I wouldn't give him the time of day, he obviuosly never watched a full game or never even tried to understand the differences in rules.

That's all what ANY CFL haters are, ignorant.

It's also funny that some comment says the CFL fans confuse mistakes as big plays.

Yet last night, watched some of the packer vs NY game. ball was fumbled, and everyone stopped play. Just walking around not knowing what was going on. One guy even had picked up the ball and was still just walking around. Until they finally realized that the whistle had not gone.

And they call our league bush league?

The guy's a complete puss...that would get him a fist in the mouth if he said it face to face with a CFL fan, so he hides behind his keyboard.

Sorta like forum moderators who hide behind their keyboards and arbitrarily censor posts and suspend forum members. You know what I mean, boyo?

Ok seriously dude, if you think mods are anything to complain about here, you must be new to the net then.

I think it's funny how he starts the article by proudly proclaiming his ignorance. So he admits he doesn't know what he's talking about right off the bat, yet he kept writing as if what followed would be taken seriously. Only those who already agree with him would find his argument compelling.

quite right.

and this line of his is just absurd..

"The rules seem ridiculous, [b]giving the offence an incredible amount of leeway despite taking away a down."[/b]
Taking away a down does not make it any easier to achieve the first down whatsoever.

Adding downs is the easy way to do it you know who... :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I for one certainly don't know what you mean, not that I'm a mod or anything. But to my understanding, posts get censored and members suspended for violating the forum rules. I"m not aware of any post being censored, or any member being suspended, "arbitrarily".

arbitrary censorship does happen in the ticat forum, they got at least one person with a huge plank up their butt. But, in the end, it just doesnt matter.

as for this topic. I am getting pretty sick of this stuff coming out of torono. Guys is very lucky I dont live anywhere near there. I am for kicking toronto out of canada.

...I see what you did there

HAHAHAHA, that was awesome! Where does the Sun find these guys? There are a lot of ignorant sports fans in Toronto and it's gonna be fun to be there for the 100th and change some minds.

...perhaps this picture of him is actual size?

What's compelling is how disconnected he tries to sound, pretty good troll job though.

I’m beginning to wonder whether he wrote the entry just to see if anyone was actually reading his blog. He’s written 14 blog entries since November 1. Of those 14 entries, 8 have no comments, 5 have 1 comment and the CFL entry has 99 comments.

Exactly bb, this guy couldn't get a sniff with his usual NFL rah rah stuff.