Toronto sucks even for the NFL

An NFL team has long been a dream of the NFL purists in Toronto, so much in fact that they could care less about the 140 year old Toronto Argos of the CFL and the team’s long standing tradition and record number of championships.
Well Toronto, you had your chance and you blew it.
How you say? Well its simple, like your present Mayor, you were arrogant and a bully. A bully in the fact that you never once made the Buffalo Bills feel at home, the 12th man for the Bills never existed.
Not that you are entirely to blame, Rogers communications had its hand in this blunder as well, thinking they could dupe the Toronto public into playing premium prices to a regular season NFL game not to mention Ontario’s archaic laws of not allowing tailgating added to that fact.
However, the bottom line is this: Toronto fans were not nice to the Bills, you were Bullies, and time after time you would show up at the game, with chants of Arrrgooossss (This is the chant for the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts for those not in the know) and a mixed sea of NFL jerseys most of which did not reflect the home team.
You showed up in low numbers, despite discounted tickets and giveaways. You gave no atmosphere to the games or what you did give was nothing short of a corporate. Even the players felt beat up upon by the Toronto fans.
Yea, you even complained about the Bills and their losing record and why you should support a team that is not your own. Have you looked at London? Wembley Stadium was filled each and every game with 80,000 plus fans and tickets sold out months prior to the games. Fans, British fans mind you, who embraced the game notwithstanding the fact that many of them are oblivious to the rules of the game?
In short Toronto, you picked on one of the NFL ‘s kiddies, and they do not take kindly to that fact. Yea, they may sugar coat it to the media that Toronto is a great sports town, but underneath, they are seething at the Big Smoke.
You see Toronto, it’s like this, if the school yard bully is picking on your kids, you pull your kid out of that school.
The NFL wanted to promote their brand outside the USA and you punched one of their kids in the face. London is their baby now, with three more games scheduled for the upcoming season.
The NFL wanted you to embrace the game, but instead you made them realize that Toronto cares about one thing, and that is Toronto.

as far as NFL goes, good on Toronto.

Why do people constantly post stuff about the NFL in the CFL talk forum. Please move it to the Football (other leagues) forum where it belongs.

Someone (OP) has a bee in his bonnet.

For someone who has very few posts in over a year, I'm curious - what brought on this tirade?
As a fan of both the CFL and the NFL and a born and raised Torontonian, I can tell you that the Bills in Toronto series was doomed to fail from the beginning.

Like many in this city, I am not a Bills fan. They are a sad organization with a poor record of on-field success - the obvious exception being the Super Bowl years in the 1990s. Of course, that success has been followed by them reverting to their usual record of ineptitude. So first point, there is little support for the Bills.
Therefore, Toronto NFL fans would go only to see the Bills' opponents.

Second, while "everyone" hates Toronto, you are all quite happy to take as much of our perceived bags of money as possible. Rogers included.
Bad assumption that you could charge absurd prices to see an inferior product - the Bills.

Third, several of the reasons that Torontonians don't support the Argos also apply to the NFL. MANY other entertainment options. Lots of new immigrants who do not integrate themselves into what has been historical Canadian culture - sports and otherwise. Cricket is popular here? Cricket? Yah, how Canadian is that?

IMO, those who think that Toronto is fertile ground for an NFL team are deluded and will be in for a surprise of failure if Toronto does ever get an NFL team.
I don't think it will.

P.S. I can't believe I wrote this much in response to someone's rant. :?

excuses are for losers. no exceptions! :wink:

Move the Bills to Hamilton then. :wink:

All this anti-Toronto stuff is laughable. It just makes you look insecure about where you live.

haha we cant even build a 22000 seat stadium here never mind a 70,000 seater.

but I still would place a team here and forever block TO from getting the NFL. see how that feels :frowning:

Wow, you really are bitter. :lol:

And what about no excuses? Build the stadium!!

The Argos have already been a rowing team, a rugby team and a CFL team.

I would rather see the Argos become an NFL team with their history and records intact, then another team move in and wipe them out.

And yes, it would be terrible for the CFL. If the Toronto NFL team has a huge game on the same night as the Gray Cup... not good.

Even if Toronto ever did actually get an NFL franchise, the Argonauts would outlast them, IMO an NFL team in Torana would lose millions if not billions, while theArgonuats kept bouncing ( RE Argo Bounce) from owner to owner, the CFL is like a mole, it wont go away, pity the Toronto media and NFL gang :roll:

You know, I just don't buy the "too many entertainment options" argument as to why Toronto is so inept at supporting the Argos in great numbers.

There are areas in North American that are MUCH smaller than Toronto yet easily have 2 or 3 times as many entertainment options. And some of them have two NFL teams, an NBA franchise, two MLB franchises and an NHL franchise. They don't seem to have issues drawing fans. In fact, the closest city in size to Toronto, Chicago, also has plenty of entertainment options and doesn't seem to have much in the way of attendance issues with its pro sports teams.

So lets put that old "too many options" saw to rest, shall we? Perhaps Toronto has the wrong options for supporting pro football, but it certainly doesn't have too many options.

Although Chicago might not be a bad example with the Blackhawks being like the Argos.

Through the 90’s in the Michael Jordan era - the well marketed Bulls obliterated interest in the Hawks who fell well behind the Bears, White Sox, Cubs, Bulls and even likely Depaul basketball and Northwestern Football (and also Notre Dame which is hugely popular and well covered by the Chicago media even though the campus is in South Bend 90 miles away) in terms of interest. It certainly was not cool to be a Hawks fan.

The poorly marketed Hawks home games were not even on TV and road games poor ratings. Crowds in years like 2003, 2004 and 2006 were announced in the 13,000 - 15,000 range in the 20,000 seat United Center but in reality for most games fewer than that. In 2006-2007 the Hawks announced home attendance averaged only 12,727 with the ‘real’ attendance less than 10,000 a game. That was just 7 years ago!

Then ownership changed when Bill Wirtz died and his son Rocky took over and EVERYTHING changed.

He totally changed everything about the team. He hired sports executives over from the other Chicago teams like the Cubs who knew how to market to the Chicago sports fan and the corporate community. Hawks players appeared EVERYWHERE in the community, throwing out opening pitches, singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game at Wrigley during the 7th inning stretch, every game was on TV some even on WGN across the entire country (and up here).

Now just a few years later they are one of the most popular sports teams in the city setting records with their local TV ratings, selling out every home game for years and attracting well over a million people for each of their two Stanley Cup parades - as big as any parade for any other Chicago winning team.

Any new Argos owner can certainly look at that story for inspiration because to me the current situation for the Argos is very much comparable to where the Blackhawks were just 7 years ago - and in fact likely not as bad.

Grrrrr Grey Cup.

It is not unusual for attendances of pro teams to fluctuate periodically, although it is certainly an anomaly for a pro team to suffer 30+ years of staggering losses and low/declining attendance for such long periods as the Argos have experienced and still survive.
(and TiCats to a near similar degree)

Chicago is a great sports town where the Bears, Blackhawks and Bulls consistently sell out regardless of how well they, or other local pro teams are faring, not to mention supporting two MLB teams for well over a century and one of the longest serving MLS franchises.

Add in the WNBA, AFL, IFL, LFL, AHL, 3 Rugby teams, and numerous other semi-pro clubs and I'd say Chicago merits well deserved praise for it's cornerstone sports fans even among the many entertainment options available throughout the City.

Sorry buddy. Believe it or not, I do make an effort to type Canadian when I'm here, but it doesn't come naturally. I'm gonna slip up every once in a while.

Yes, I know it's named after a guy, and not the actual coloUr. :cowboy:

no worries.. just dont call a hockey sweater "jersey" and you'll be fine :wink: