Toronto Star's Dave Perkins Tells Us What We Already Knew.

Check out Dave Perkins article in the Sunday Toronto Star. He basically confirms my beliefs about the Toronto media.

That if its Canadian, its no good. And if its American, its "big league".

I mean the guy is still shedding tears about the Montreal Expos. Yet he would dance on the cFL's grave if it folded.

We have to get rid of people like Dave Perkins from the CAnadian media. Because he is a dinosaur who contributes nothing to CAnadian society. Except to denigrate it, while worshipping foreigners. Enough is enough!


I don't know how to do that. Just go to
www. and go to the sports section.

This part made me laugh the most:

This wasn't like being in a football league with Regina and Ottawa. This was the big time – with American television.

If anyone is interested Perkins email address is:

That's pretty pathetic. That attitude has nothing to do with sport but the "celebrity" aspect that some associate with the "big leagues" .
The thing to do is write a letter to the editorial page of the star and let him have it , because you know he's not going to be reading it here. His own email is good too but he may just delete those .

I've emailed the editor of the Star sports section, some guy named Parley Graham, but he shares the same beliefs as Perkins.

In fact read their other writers like Garth Woolsley and Doug Smith and you see they're all peas in a pod. Which is why I haven't bought a Toronto Star in years.

The truth about the blue jays is that they servived their first ten years buy adding their tickets to grocery store giveaways if you purchased a set $ amount,they thru in jays tickets. nobody reaaly cared about them or baseball until the Expose allmost won the penant, and (the jays built a cult followimg with their farm system built roster,of NO NAME players. THE truth is Toronto was sacked by the US in war of 1812 and it identifies itself as an American proxy!

Just sent an e-mail.

Columnists love it when you email them. It shows their editors that people are actually reading their columns. The theory is that even if you disagree with him, you will keep reading his column just to see what stupid things he writes next. Like radio, any rating is a good rating...and they probably don't even read your email before deleting it as they probably get tired of reading all the F-bombs and death threats.

Like one Toronto sportswriter wrote recently...they would much rather play a Kenosha, Wis. over a Kelvington, Sask. That's just the way it is in Toronto....get over it. :oops:

Just don't read any drivel coming from the certer of the universe.

it's hard to be a cfl fan when I meet people like you guys. Here you are critcizing the people in my city for being to "American" but when I go on different NHL hockey boards I see threads like "Can [insert city here] maintain another one of the major sports?"

There are PLENTY of responses with leagues that have Toronto teams. At the end of the day I think some of you small town folk are just complacent with what you have and you'll defend it until you die knowing fully that no big league is going to be coming to your city. Heck an NHL team might leave your city before another league puts one in.

BTW, the Rogers Centre sucks for football games, argos should have built that stadium @ york.

If you really were a CFL fan then it would upset you to see your league run down by the media so much.

I can't get too worked up about it. The very next line is: It fit in perfectly with this city's self-image.

It's his perception of Toronto's mindset years ago. Both (his perception and the mindset) may have changed since then. I don't know, I don't read his column's regularly. But I'm not going to froth at the mouth, or label all Toronto media one way, over a comment around how the guy viewed the city decades ago.

I'd rather try to think of a way to get close enough to Steve Simmons to punch him in a kydney. :wink:

It's still comical to read. "BIG TIME - WITH AMERICAN TELEVISION!!" lol

Like Dave Perkins said...

The more things change ...the more they stay the same.

People in the cities and towns around Toronto
have always complained about Torontonians.

Get used to it folks,

Toronto is closer to becoming the world class city
that Torontonians think it is than it has ever been.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

What's not to like about a city described this way?

'Because of its low crime rates, clean environment
and generally high standard of living,

Toronto is consistently rated as
one of the world's most livable cities.'

click here

I dunno, of all the ignorant articles I have seen by some toronto writers, this is pretty mild. Not worth getting bothered by. It doesnt sell the CFL well if we fans keep getting TOO defensive over every little perceived slight.

What about the media? They don't dictate what I watch because if they did I would be only a hockey fan like so many drones in this country. I enjoy the CFL it's entertaining football, but I'm not going to sit here and say it's the best league or whatever. Especially when I've known Canadian Footballers who wanted to make a crack at the NFL and would rather take a regular job after Uni than play in the CFL. So be it...

I don't mind the media taking shots at the CFL. What I do mind is how they in turn worship anything from down south.

Especially when it comes to sports like baseball, which Canadians barely care about. And basketball. Which we downright hate.

And I don't like people who run down their own in favor of foreigners, and then act like they're all superior because of it.

Guys like Perkins are idiots. They know squat about sports, except for what the Americans tell them. He's a joke.