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Toronto Star has a story on Taafe which seems to be a summery of all the posts on this web site. If any one thinks its just die hard crazies calling for Taafes head read the article. Its pretty clear to anyone who has ever watched a football game Taafe is not the coach they paid big bucks for. Management can not wait any longer to pull the trigger on this guy and avoid further embarrassment. This could be a good week Taafe and Mccabe both gone!

I was curious so here is the link

Guess while I was reading it I got beat to the punch :>)))

I don't think there's one disgruntled Ticat fan that could have said it better.

What he doesnt remember is the 2 times we have given to Lumsden on 3rd and 1 this season and been stuffed....

The call was the right one, the execution was brutal

We should heed the blog of a guy who writes about football maybe once or twice a year?

Why denigrate Taaffe because our dollar-store offensive line cant surge?

You’re right. QB sneak, or hand off to Piercy, or hand off to Lumsden; you gotta make one yard.

Exactly, and if Toronto thinks they have turned it around they are sadly mistaken.

There was nothing right about giving the ball to a FB when you have 2 star running backs that will get the yardage. Besides the play was to the outside which was a bonehead call to begin with.

Taaffe said on the radio that Casey was not running the sneak because of his thumb injury, which is why they ran Richie williams earlier.... so how are they supposed to get Richie in and out with the clock running under 50 seconds.

Lumsden has been stuffed many times on 3rd and 1.... remember all those times we gave it to Radlein?

Perhaps Lumsden would have converted more of those third and shorts if he wasn't given the ball out of the shotgun an unnecessary three yards further from the line of scrimmage.

Who took the handoff is irrelevent.

Piercy was stopped because the O-line got beat . Beaten like they have all year.

Some of the criticism is fair but the fact that Taaffe punted instead of going for it on their own 20 isn't.

If they went for it and didnt make it everyone would have been blasting the decision.

You don't go for it when your your ahead by under a touchdown on your own 20.

You do when there is less than a yard to get and you have the two best runningbacks in the league.

With our usual bad luck, guess who was in
at Left Guard for his only play of the game

when the Argos broke through scrimmage onto Piercy.

It was Jordan Rempell, back up O-lineman

just pulled off the practice roster for the game.

Bad article. What about the great short yardage play of Piercy all game? On every other play that he touched the ball, if the Cats needed a yard he got 6. It was a good call.

Nothing wrong with the call, the execution by the Cats could have been better on the o-line but give credit where credit is due, the Argos won that chess move, they guessed right.

Yeah cause Thomas was injured an Peter moved to RT I think.

Put me in the good call camp too, unless they had a backup O-line on that side, in which it's still a good call, but run on the wrong side.

As I said, brettinhalifax, Jordan Rempell came in at LT.

You're right, whoknows, Peter Dyakowski moved to RT.