Toronto Star Poll...

I have read what others have said about the poll in the Star. I have been reading on this site for a few years now how people feel about the Star and how/what they report regarding the CFL.

I have written a letter that I want to send to the Star but I want honest Canadian opinions on it before I send it.....or......if you like what you read, feel free to send to them yourselves. I post it for you here.

Greetings from the U.S.;
I won't pull any punches here... I am a HUGE C.F.L. fan and have been for many years! There are also many like me across the country. And I find it very interesting that your "news"paper and the owners thereof constantly see a need to push American sports news to the forefront of your reporting, even at the expense of Canadian sports news and athletes.
All this talk about the N.F.L coming to Canada and specifically Toronto seems to this American to be potentially harmful to the Argonauts. A team that happens to be the oldest Pro. sports team in North America.
Is living in a city like Toronto that much different then living elsewhere in Canada? Do the citizens there truly crave all things American?, or is it simply a situation of the media (yourselves) trying to shape what Torontonians see and think so
that the powers that be can attain their goal of bringing an N.F.L. team to your city?
At this point in my letter I have to ask (and anyone can answer....if you can!) why you think the N.F.L. and one of their teams is even needed in Canada? Are you not proud to BE a Canadian? Are you not entertained by a group of football players that, even though they may not be paid $millions, bring a level of excellence to the gridiron game that even N.F.L. players only dream of?
In case you haven't noticed, salary doesn't always BUY the best person for the job! just look at your own sports writers!! as an example.
Seriously you honestly think YOU represent each and every person in the G.T.A. when you write the trash that you do about the C.F.L.? Along with these fixed polls trying to achieve the numbers you want?
Why on Earth do you want an American sport to anchor in Toronto? F.Y.I. not everything American is the best in the world! And as an American I can honestly say that I have not one clue as to why some location in another country would want a team from one of our leagues when you already have a Professional Football team with a proud and storied history in the OLDEST gridiron Football league in the world!?
Sure many Canadians as well as Americans tuned into the most recent Super Bowll to see if the Pats. would go undefeated. That's called the "Curiosity Factor". If you want to crunch some numbers (according to my own research),

Even though this latest S.B. was close in score (which also at times indicates excitement level) The fact remains that after 95 Grey Cups a whopping 51 were close in score. That translates to about 54%.
In contrast...out of 42 S.B.'s 12 were close in score and excitement, which translates into about 29%. So...tell me....does money REALLY buy the best talent out there?? I think we both know the answer to that!!
This American wants... no EXPECTS to be able to tune into the BEST form of gridiron football on the planet EVERY Summer for the rest of my natural life. And because the C.F.L. is the older league and has withstood these challenges throughout it's long histroy, I don't think I will have a problem with that!
What I (and many C.F.L. fans have a problem with) are people and papers like you/yours trying to push something down just because you don't like it (very childish!). If you want to be so American...COME ON OVER! Just don't be surprised when you're shot down here like a Mallard in duck hunting season!!

George Schadel
Massillon Ohio
Proud C.F.L. fan! Maybe someday the rest of the world will discover what REAL football is all about!!


They might print it George.... because it comes from an American. lol

They won't like the duck season shot though. lol

We need more CFL fans like you in the Toronto area.

Go for it, a great letter. We have such a gem here and the people of TO can't see it. They love to hate americans but down deep that is all they want to be is american city.

Excellent letter. I am glad to see the Argos draw an average crowd 30,000 per game, but that negative view on the CFL remains in Ontario. I always get this feeling in the back of my head the Argos have peaked in attendance & could easy revert back to the days of poor attendance through no fault of their own.

Pikk is right...we do have a gem here....