Toronto Star poll: Schultz best football analyst?!?

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According to survey conducted by the Toronto Star, Toronto area fans believe that Chris Schultz is the best football analyst. Schultz beat out nearest rival, Glen Suitor by over 1,000 votes in the survey which received responses from over 8,000 readers. Other analysts on this ballot included Darren Flutie, Matt Dunnigan, and Leif Pettersen.

In other categories with a CFL connection, Chris Cuthbert was chosen as best football announcer; beating out the likes of Don Wittman, Steve Armitage, Rod Black, and Jaime Stein by over 2,000 votes.

The most surprising outcomes of the survey are two categories where Chris Walby was listed as an option, but finished no better than fourth in fields of five. The first category was "Guy Most In Need of a Microphone Muffler", where Walby lost out to Don Cherry, Peter Loubardias (Rogers Sportsnet announcer), and Joe Bowen (TV and radio announcer for the Leafs). The other category was "Guy Whose Mouth Should Be Duct-Taped." Walby lost out to Pierre McGuire, Don Cherry, and Glenn Healy in that one.

Dunnigan is the man!

Yep ! But I think Schultz is good too.

I love the TSN guys!
Can’t complain at all
Schultz or Suitor are great.
Keep up the good work. Love the CFL on TSN!
just gotta bring back last years Friday night football song!

Yes, TSN is the best for sure, I like Schultz, a legend in his own mind but that's ok, everybody needs a bit of this.

duane forde would win hands down if in this poll. there has to be a way to peel him off the score

I would say Suitor is the best analyst for the CFL. Dunigan and Climie are ok, followed by Randorf. Schultz is the worst analyst on TSN. I wonder if the Toronto fans showed their bias because he is a former Argo. Walby would get my vote for worst analyst in all of professional sport. Is there a time when he doesnt show any bias for the Bombers??

Actually I think TSN wins because I think the chemistry between Randorf, Schultz, Dunigan, and Climie really works

As I posted in the "Quote of the Year" thread.....Schultz says that if the Cats fall to 2-8, they would need win 6 of their remaining 8 just to break even.


Pardon me?? Is this the New Math?? You go 6-2 if your record falls to 2-8, and that works out to 8-10, does it not?? Not exactly a "break-even" record.....

Yep, he's the number one football guy, to be sure.....

Walby know's so much more than any other Analyst...the guy fought the trenches for years, a complete understanding of the game...he has. The rest of them couldn't even fold his undershorts, cause they are as big as a Sail, on a 80 foot

no one said he was a math expert, just a football expert.

dunnigan's a loser, he's the terry bradshaw comentator of the CFL. so annoying, he's always yelling, and forgets what he has to say in mid-sentance, he must studder and screw up at least 5 times per sentance, quite funny accually.

not really funny... just showing the effects of way way too many concussions during his playing days.

calling dunigan a loser is assinine. Just cause you dont like someone doesnt make them a loser. sheesh.

...Shultz...the best analyst????????..has anyone seen the record of his picks this year....loser..i have to say in favour of the guy, is his demeanour....which is much better than a few abbrasive characters in the business...when it come to being a knowledgeable character of the game ...he gets good marks.....but i agree with piggy....he still couldn;t carry Walbys jock-strap...far too heavy a load... :lol:

the analyst on TSN are not so bad i like Climie...but i really think that the best analyst is Pierre Vercheval on RDS is not afraid to said what he think when the Als do dumb stuff he call it..not like Walby with winnipeg...Vercheval would be great on TSN

Shultz is head and shoulders better than the other doufuses on the panel. He could carry the whole show by himself.

Although I would give the nod to Suitor as the best game analyst. Nobody else is even close, he is the best there is.

p.s. What ever happened to John Wells???

What Suitor is the biggest moron in sports!

No, Walby is the biggest moron in sports, nobody can even come close to him!

I agree about SHULTZ , however SUITOR , never shuts up and he can go way over board at times.

PATTERSON , thinks that every player in the CFL is the best in the league , every single game. :lol:

He sounds like GEORGE BUSH who also has at least 10 best friends [countries]. :lol:

Remember that most of these people are ex-pro football players and had no training for their T.V. jobs.