Toronto Star Letter to the Editor - Backlash?

Well of all places, I found this today in the Star and it was in the news portion of the Letters to the Editor.
I am frankly shocked this anti CFL paper would print it.
As for the contents, there may be a groundswell of backlash to the Bills game and ultimately a positive for the Argos and the CFL.

not much of a letter.

It's a start and maybe a tip of the iceberg.

thanks for the link, shame the editor has no reply.

Well, it's a call to action, but it lacks any conviction whatsoever...

Like I said, the fact it was printed is a small miracle.

And so it begins.

A small disorganized movement to start with a touch of a boycott can go a long way.

I thinks it was printed only because it was so tame, not big threat, yet star tries to make out that they are "fair"

Will be interesting to see if they print my letter!

I doubt it :roll:

Don't count on it geo, one pro CFL letter per year quota.