Toronto Star Fakes Poll Results!

This is being talked about elsewhere, but I think it deserves its own topic.

As of Sunday, in a poll entitled "Which type of football do you find more entertaining?" with two choices: 1)CFL, and 2)NFL, the CFL was in the lead 57%-42%, as is plain in this screenshot:

[url=] ... ollbn9.jpg[/url]

Today, the poll disappeared for a while, and then the results were posted. They can be found here:

Notice that, magically, a third option was added: 3)Not Sure. Hundreds of votes were transferred from the CFL to this third option in order to manufacture an NFL win.

Now I'm not one for conspiracy theories and what-not, but this is a new low for the Toronto Star. Anyone think we should call them on it?

That is such a crock! I say we flood them with angry letters. That is just shady... :?

Wow…the NFL doubled in votes.

E-mail the paper this post…let us know what they say! OR!!..e-mail a third party about it…like Global or CBC. They might actually find this interesting, they might tie it in to the whole Bills playing in Toronto stories.

The numbers don't jive either. The poll was closed on Sunday and I took a screenshot similar to yours dmont..and the numbers were much lower. Then after they closed the poll the numbers of voters magically doubled with the CFL somehow losing about 20% of their share?. There was clearly no "not sure" option on the poll when I voted.

Who would vote "not sure" when considering which football league is more interesting? It is only common sense that it is either interesting or not. It would make about as much sense to offer a "none of the above" option about which one you find more interesting.

Something funny is going on here and perhaps the Star didn't think anyone would copy a screenshot of their poll results before they "fixed" them. Now they've been caught red-handed.

Maybe Paul Godfrey is guest Editor for the day? :roll:

I just submitted this to CHCH in Hamilton.

Maybe someone, with nothing else better to do, tried to circumvent the process and ballot stuff. The 'not sure' might make up the difference.

well, you are only allowed to vote once for each membership...I know, I tried to vote more than once also. I don't know how any individual could stack the poll. This had to come from the Star management and editors.

But, I wouldn't hold your breath that any other media outlet will take the Star to task. These publications are all owned by the blueblood Toronto good 'ole boys club and they all seem to have the fix in against the CFL, especially the this is just business as usual for this gang.

wow, thats pretty rediculous... cant believe they actually sunk that low

How do you explain the difference in the number of votes for the NFL option, 1162 currently, to 504 before the poll was removed. The CFL option has also changed, it now says 991, previously 673. Then another 300+ for "Not Sure"?

Where did all these people come from? Not to mention the poll wasn't even on the website.

This seems very familiar to the Western final, On it was brought to our attention by a poster that B.C. had a poll on their site asking which team would win Riders or Lions of course all the Rider fans flocked the site once it was brought to our attention we had some 68% of the votes the next day the numbers were switched and the Rider votes were lower then the previous day hahah, This same poll was mentioned at and we all flocked the page and voted as well for CFL which now seems to have pulled the same crap the BC webmasters did haha

I followed the poll quite closely through last week. The poll started off with the NFL substantially in front, about 65% to 35%. But over a period of 2 days the CFL's vote gradually increased hour by hour, to match the NFL's, then pull way out in front by the close of voting. The poll was closed, but for some reason was unavailable and unmentioned on their on-line "poll history", then late this morning it reappeared, but with altered numbers which showed an opposite result to the real poll?

Faked IPs or anonymous proxy.

Ya thats exactly what happend on the BC page too, only the results were flipped and third option didnt magically appear

Well, it is one thing for a team's website to fudge the figures to favour the home team, it is another for Canada's largest circulation newspaper to be pulling these same tactics in a so-called public opinion poll with national implications.

They have our trust, but they have an honour and a duty to their readers to honestly report the news. But if this is how the Star does business, how do we know their reporters aren't "cooking" the facts to mislead their readers about other stories they are reporting? Can they be trusted, or does the end somehow justify the means?

Once the trust of their readers is lost, then the credibility and believability of the entire Star corporation might be drawn into question.

The biggest question is WHY would they change the poll results to favour the NFL? What do they have to gain if the CFL's popularity is diminished and the NFL's increased?? Is the Star secretly involved with Tannenbaum and Rogers in their pursuit of an NFL team? Would "killing off" the CFL in Toronto help this cause??

You must wonder about this collusion going on. For example, the Star's big league coverage of TFC last year. On the Star's on-line sports page they gave the TFC a boxed scoreboard, prominently displayed, running all week and equal with the Jays running scoreboard, while 150-yr.old Argo franchise's scores were relegated into a group generic scoreboard listings underneath? And then there is the overboard wall-to-wall news coverage of the TFC last year. Can anyone argue that the TFC is bigger league or generates more revenue than the Argos, that their coverage be overblown to this extent? Well, three guesses who owns TFC. Yep, the same group which is spearheading the Toronto NFL bid (and who are apparantly no longer on speaking terms with the Argo owners.)

Unless the Star can adequately refute these claims, we can clearly see that the fix is in, with unfortunately all sport fans, indeed all Canadians, being short-changed and misled in this exchange.

I sent them a letter complaining about the lies.
I told them they could no longer be trusted and their advertisers will prob feel the same way.

I will let you know if I get a reply

someone's seriously gotta make this public.. this shit just cant be allowed.

I thought this poll on CTV was hilarious considering what the Star did. Check out the numbers for the third option. :lol:

CTV Super Bowl poll

It's too bad chief I did not see it in time, numero three for me.

So I sent an e-mail on to CBC... wonder if they will do anything...