Toronto Star Decima NFL Survey The Media Ignores

All the hype about how huge the NFL will be in Toronto from the usual hacks in the media never mentions the survey done by the Toronot Star last November 2006.

I found a link to the survey in some NFL type website where a writer does an article on the results of this survey.

HEres the link: ... t-the-nfl/

The figures this survey gives for the anti-NFL feeling in Toronto is quite startling.

Funny how the Stephen Brunts and the Dave Naylors of the world can write 20 page essays on the NFL coming to Toronto, yet somehow not mention this survey? Can you say agenda?

It's great to see this. You can have the media stuff the NFL down the throats of Torontonians and despite what I have said about the "Center of the universe" before, Toronto football fans aren't as stupid as I claimed them to be.

40% of Toronto's NFL fans don't want an NFL team in Toronto. 76% have no interest in the NFL whatsoever. This survey was done by respected Decima Research, not a newspaper internet poll. I remember when this survey came out last year and was blown-off in Toronto as being biased, accusing the Star reporter who broke the story as originally being from western Canada and liked the CFL.

Interesting that such a high percentage of NFL fans in Toronto don't want an NFL team. But then I suppose as someone who is a fan of the NFL as well and I don't care if Toronto has a team (I do live in Hamilton though). For me it's because I enjoy going to TiCat games, an excellent football outing with the wife at an affordable price playing the great game of Canadian football. But I still love watching lots of NFL on TV, certainly moreso than NHL, MLB or NBA. In fact, while I couldn't care about the Blue Jays or Raptors winning their leagues or how much success they have, I'd love for the Vikings to win the Super Bowl. Along with the Cats to win the Grey Cup. But still want the Habs to win the Stanley Cup have to admit but still not as much as the Cats or Vikes. I guess I'm just more of a football fan than of any other sport.

Jezz....another the world is falling in article.

Let's be clear about something here. Go to Toronto and do a survey, ask people in Toronto how many people would know who or what or if they would ever attend a Raptors or even a Leafs game. I suspect the answers aren't going to be that much different.

Surveys prove nothing other then your feeling on any given day. Public opinion polls were created to bend the truth by those people who are running them

What does moved means, and where is it?

In that same survey, something like 45% of respondants called themselves Maple Leaf fans.
A miniscule percentage called themselves Raptor fans. In fact tennis had more fans than basketball!

And this survey did ask people in Toronot. Its a scientific survey. Your opinions are your own, but have little basis in fact.

76% have no the GTA population....that still leaves 1.2M people that do have an that enough? That isn't including areas outside the GTA that would also support the NFL.
I think the NFL could go to any city in North America and it would be sucessful, the question is how sucessful. I don't think it would be the cash cow people think it would be in Toronto, it's not like it's going to bleed money and the team will fold and the Owner will claim complete bankruptcy...that just isn't going to happen.


With all respect....people making up public opinion polls get big sums of money to make the opinion say what the person paying for it wants.

As an example:
Would you support a Toronto based NFL team by purchasing tickets to the game?
Answer no: and that could mean you don't support the team. Answer Yes: and it means you support the team by buying tickets.

There has been allot of talk about bringing a NFL Team to Toronto, would you support the efforts to bring NFL to Toronto, if it meant government funding being provided to the team?
Answer No and you don't support the NFL in coming to Toronto.

Answer Yes and support government funding going to the team.

Over the past 20 years there has been talk on many occasions about the NFL coming to Toronto. Do you believe the NFL should come to Toronto?

Answer No and you don't support the team.
Answer Yes and you believe Toronto should have a NFL team.

Unless you see the questions and the possible answers anything is possible.

You have it all wrong.
That 76% is people who have no interest in the NFL. The question was straight foward if you ask me.

And now you're questioning the pollsters? They seem to do pretty well predicting political races. And they're right on with this sports survey in Toronto.

But as usual, the NFL flunkies just can't handle the truth.

I didn't get to see the survey before the Star took it down, but according to Chuck and Leo, the Raptors have had 8 sell-outs this season. If it's not too much trouble, maybe you could stop bashing them. It's getting old. I know you love the CFL, but you don't need to knock every other sports team in order to make the CFL look better than it is. :roll:

There is a difference between a public opinion poll conducted for elections and others. Since you need another lession in asking questions: A recent survey asked about the military in Afgan.

Do you support the military being placed into combat situations in Afganastan?

Do you support the military being deployed to Afgan?

Do you support the military being used in humanitarian efforts in Afgan?

The answer to first question was very strongly a No.
The answer to second question was a strong No
The answer to was split 50/50.

Two weeks later the order of the questions reversed. The last two recieved over 50% response positive. The combat question still received a negative response. Now you see how predictable answers can be made up to respond to those who are paying for the data.