Toronto Star Article: Ticat-Argo Shared Stadium?

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I'd never attend another game. Thats a guarantee.


Huge N, huge O!

Absolutely.... NOT! No, no, no, no, no! This has to be the worst idea in a long line of bad ideas. Jets and Giants are one thing; at least they both represent "New York." Arg-holes and Cats in one stadium? Shoot me now.

Leaving fantasy world for a second, hasn't Braley gone on record saying he's happy with the Arg-holes playing at the SkyDome?

Come on guys1 You would rather see the demise of the Ticats then share a stadium??

If the two NFL New York teams can share a stadium that is located in New Jersey not New York, then the Ticats and Argos could share a stadium. It would be a great rivalry too, it would be great to see half the seats painted blue and half gold.

If it means the survival of the teams and the CFL - go for it. Sure we'll lose a few die-hards but I'm sure we'll see a lot more fans coming to a stadium with better access and more fans from the Western Toronto,Oakville,Mississauga,Burlington area
it would be great.

It's not either or.

Moving the team out of Hamilton would be the demise of the Tiger-Cats.

Are you a hockey fan? If so, how would you feel about the Canadiens and the Leafs sharing a stadium in Kingston.

Yeah...exactly. Not gonna happen, and if it did, lord knows I'm not buying tickets.

If it were in Burlington, and it was between that and losing the Tiger-Cats, I would go for it. But I wouldn't be happy about it.

Your argument doesn't make sense and is very silly. We are talking about the survival of the CFL, the Ticats and the Argos, two teams that are located very close together.

I wasn't aware that the Leafs and the Canadiens were in financial trouble. Maybe you should check a map Kingston is nowhere near Montreal or Toronto.

If you aren't buying tickets that's okay I know that thousands more would come out if a stadium was in that area. There is huge potential in that market between Hamilton and Toronto.

I bet you are not even a season ticket holder, and won't buy tickets anyway.

And no I'm not a hockey fan, I hate the sport and couldn't care less about the Leafs or the Canadiens

No more silly then suggesting a shared stadium. Heck at least the Giants and Jets are in a different conference.

Ummmm..... no. I can understand why the Argos might go for it - even if Toronto is more insular than many big cities, but I can suggest why - on the level of social psychology - that the idea is a poor one from the Hamilton perspective.

I'm a born New Yorker though I've lived in Canada most of my life and consider Hamilton my real home town. I DO understand that city through my past and through my family. To a New Yorker, the Meadowlands are no further away than Flushing Meadows where Shea Stadium used to be. It's across the river and still well inside the metropolis that IS New York. In addition, both teams sharing are FROM New York and are in separate leagues.

To a Hamiltonian, Oakville is foreign territory. It's nearby, but foreign. Generally, Burlington is about as exotic as we get. People from Burlington, though, swing in both directions. It would no longer feel like a Hamilton team- a factor not really part of the Meadowlands equation.

Second, both teams there are from the same city AND in separate leagues. The sharing is far more likely to be friendly. Yes, I know that both the Cats and Argos are CFL and so share a great deal but the psychology of the rivalry is what brings out the fans.

From my lifetime study of people, and of their psychology and created socio-cultural frameworks, this is just one bad idea.

Maybe Oakville and Mississauga would supply sufficient fans. Who knows? With a new fan base they might well survive and maybe - if Hamilton doesn't support the team - it doesn't deserve it. But the team that moved there would soon be a new team in all but the Ti-Cat name. New stadium, new fanbase. It would make an interesting experiment but one I would fear.

the only thing id share with the argos is MY USED TOILET PAPER

Though we phrase it in different terms and have distinct perspectival differences, the arguments of Ticatbill and me are mutually reinforcing.

And represent the same city. That to me is the biggest thing. The Cats and Argos represent two very different fan bases. It's not even remotely similar. I can't even believe that this would be suggested, or that anyone would support it.

I think every Cat fan would think this idea the most horrible nightmare they ever could imagine. But on the subject of a combined team use of a stadium, check out the stats on the new Meadowlands Stadium. Check out the dedicated parking spots, a rail line out of Penn Station, 800 confection booths, 125 entrances into the stadium, even enough urinals that you don't have to use the sinks on cold days! How cool is that? And all very visible from I95. Amazing what a cool 2 billion or so can accomplish.

Makes a whole heck of a lot of sense to me, especially if you're like me, a CFL fan first and foremost, a TigerCat or Argo fan second. I grew up as an Argo fan first rather than the Cats but I cheer for the Cats as I live and work in Hamilton and have come to love the team.

I know for some it is unthinkable but these are different times that call for different actions. Here's hoping if Bob and David find what's happening in Hamilton bad news for the TigerCats, then move on to something like a shared stadium. If the Jets and Giants can make it work, it can work around these parts as well.

Its a hell of a treck for people on the east side of Toronto to get there, especially for evening games... Looks like there needs to be a whole lot of data to be gathered before they can find the solution, no matter where they put the stadium.

A shared stadium is a terrible idea. It would be a huge gamble for David Braley and Bob Young because city loyalty plays a huge part in the CFL.
It also looks to me as if it would be a much bigger gamble for the Caretaker than the West Harbour site. I'm not sure moving the team stadium out of Hamilton comes under his own defination of "Caretaking" but then again I have not heard him mention anything about this as an option. So far all he has mentioned is the three sites in, or close to, Hamilton.
One thing though....we are finding out who the true fans are. Saying adios to this team because you don't like where the stadium will be is childish and selfish. It won't make one whit of difference to anything.
As long as there is a Tiger-Cat team based in Hamilton I will support them as much as I matter where the stadium is.

Saying goodbye to attending games because of location is not selfish or childish if the relocation involves moving out of town. At that point the Hamilton Tigercats no longer exist. They become the Oakville Tigercats or whatever. If my city has no team I am a free agent. Since the drive to Oakville is so bad I would never attend CFL games any longer, PERIOD. Maybe I'd still follow the team on TV or maybe I'd follow another team. I really couldn't tell you for sure. I grew up an hour from Hamilton as an Argo fan and only started watching the Cats because they were the local home team. Moving away removes all reason for choosing them as the team I follow. I'm really not sure what part of pain in the neck to get to and feeling abandoned by the team an Oakville location brings to a very large portion of the fan base. Suggesting I am not a true fan suggests that you have your own definition of what a fan is and anyone not conforming to it is less than acceptable. That is the childish attitude IMO. There are all kinds of fans and they don't all conform to yours or anyone else's model. It takes all kinds of fans to form a viable base. Quit the insults to a VERY LARGE percentage of Ticat Nation. Its not helpful and it makes you look really selfish and petty

i wouldn't be for it.