Toronto Star article on Peter Dyakowski

Good read from Bruce Arthur on Peter Dyakowski and a scary situation he incurred back in December, just 12 days after surgery on his torn patella tendon.

“I didn’t want to be rude and wake everyone up in the middle of the night,? said the Hamilton Tiger-Cats offensive lineman, who will play his second game of the season in the Grey Cup against Calgary Sunday. “I didn’t want to wake up my wife, and our head trainer, because she had the (team) minivan keys. I didn’t want to make a scene.

“So I just laid there terrified for three hours. I contemplated infinity, and all that. Yeah. It was pretty terrifying. I probably should have called 9-1-1.?

“I was trying to sleep and I couldn’t, and I was Googling my symptoms,? says Dyakowski. “You know what? It was probably one of the first time someone Googled the correct symptoms. It’s a favourite of hypochondriacs to look up whatever crazy thing, and it tells you you have Hungarian whooping cough or something.?

It was blood clot in his leg and a pulmonary embolism in his right lung, which had collapsed.

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WOW! I had no clue this had happened to him! It sure is great that everything worked out and he is fine now.

Best paragraph of the piece:

“I got off crutches a week before the wedding, and I had a cane for the wedding. I really wanted to get off the crutches,? Dyakowski says. “It was a very stylish, snazzy cane. I think it came from Shopper’s Drug Mart. To my horror, I show up at the font, there’s Rachel’s grandfather, exact same cane. A simple phone call could have avoided that type of faux pas, because I’m pretty sure he had more than one. Exact same cane. Pretty embarrassing.

Was just about to post that paragraph as well! Only Peter! :thup:

Seriously though, the tweet from Bruce Arthur after posting his article was also interesting.

Bruce ArthurVerified account
Peter's a great, brilliant, funny guy. One of my favourites to talk to.

That is scary stuff. Peter is truly the best. Such a sweet and funny guy. Can't believe he didn't want the neighbours to see so he didn't call 911. Men lol

The most disgusting part of the article was the verbal response from a Rider "fan" as Dyakowski lay injured on the field. Makes me hate the Rider fanbase and their team more and more everyday.

I was livid when I read that, 'pope. Made me smile to hear that his wife had to be restrained. I don't think anyone could have restrained me though. That is disgraceful and there is no place for that. My daughter actually dislikes the Green team as much as the Blue team because of their arrogant and annoying fans. I know some great Rider fans, but there are a lot of duds also.

That block from the side on Peter Dyakowski that injured him looked dirty with intent to injure in last years Grey Cup game,that was the perception I got.

I used to like the Riders as my second team,no more.

It was one guy. They're good people, for the most part.

Note the bolded:

and Rachel, sitting with Dyakowski’s father a few seats away, had to be held back from going after the guy, [b]who was forced by other fans to apologize.[/b]

I too suffered a deep vein thrombosis (blood clot in my left leg) after having surgery. In my case they discovered it while I was still in the hospital and they immediately put me on blood thinners. The oral one I took is called Warfarin, which is actually a rat poison. (I guess if you OD on it you die from hemoraghing).

This was a serious situation. I remember Auggie Barenachea also had one a few years ago that reached his lungs and survived. I think being in excellent physical shape of a pro athlete certainly helped both Auggie and Peter. I'm so glad you made it Peter (if you read this). We need you on Sunday.

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

For those who watch "Deadliest Catch", Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie had a DVT that ended up in his lung, and eventually caused a terminal stroke. Captain Harris admittedly did not lead a healthy life, but a DVT is nothing to mess around with.

BOYZ let me share as a fan I know exactly how Peter feels something like this changes a man , I am also a Peter and I also had a near death experience ,2 months ago at the age of 47 I had a heart attack , spent 4 days in Hospital and had two Stents put in I was very lucky as I was in Emerge when things got a bit rough, heart desease runs in my family it took my father and mother. I missed three games but managed the last two games with The East Final At THF being my Birthday ! 23 baby ! :smiley: that was the best Birthday present I ever had! Very emotional day for me and my team I am sure Peter D felt the same way. Seeing the Legacy wall for the first time last Sunday brought tears to my eyes as my fathers name and my sons name (my son is named after my father ) meant a lot to me. On Sunday I'll be drinking two coors lights doctors orders !and my say once a month cholesterol binge of Chicken wings ! I was going to go to Vancouver this year I have a friend who lives close to the stadium but my Heath has to be stable for 3 months to get health insurance :thdn: , but Grey Cup Sunday with my Family and will be very special for me and also for Peter D his long way back and all the other Ticat fans who are ill or have health problems ,the disabled or our fans who are up there smiling down for our beloved team and for Bobs sake remember MIKEY is watching :thup: GO CATS GO!

Thanks for sharing and glad everything worked out for you. :slight_smile:

Peter Dyakowski has my complete understanding and sympathy. While I have never had a blood clot, I do have a serious lung disease which almost took my life in November 2009. a started with severe shortness of breath and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Thinking I had conventional pneumonia, the doctors there treated me in isolation with antibiotics.
When this approach failed, and I continued to slide, a respirologist came on the scene and saved my life . Since this time, I am in the lung transplant program at Toronto General Hospital and I'm doing very well with treatment there and here in Hamilton at St. Jo's Hospital in the Firestone Chest and Allergy Clinic. I am on oxygen for the rest of my life and my right lung is paralyzed. By the way, I have been a non smoker for 38 years. With the aid of oxygen, I do cardio exercise daily .

I certainly relate to Peter's dilemma and like him, I couldn't get on the medical sites on the internet fast enough to find out if there were any other avenues to explore in terms of my care. I am now content that everything that can be done is being done.

I don't get to many games any more since it is difficult to get through throngs of people with an O2 tank strapped to my6 back.
I do however, get to the odd game, weather permitting.

Peter Dyakowski,I hear you. Have a great game Sunday!