Toronto signs D. Dorsey....a good pick-up?

Toronto has announced they signed Dorsey to their practice squad. Is this a good pick-up for the team or are they just picking up scraps.

During the Shivers/Barrett years, Saskatchewan seemed to have some ability to get good return men. The question is was Dorsey one of these and becamce expendable because of the salary cap issue. Or was he a flash in the pan.

The Bombers traded for Dorsey and Epps, both were released following training camp.

The Ottawa kicker from the 80s?

Wow, I thought they were desperate when they signed Christie.

I dont know why they would get Dorsey when they already have Levengston. You get mixed results with him, but he has demontstrated many times that he can break one at any moment, and Dorsey has yet to prove that he can do the same thing.

I can't understand this move either sambo. With Bruce and Miles down, maybe for longer than expected, you'd think they go after some receiver help ? I thought Dorsey was a running back ? Did he play any receiver for the Riders ?

They also signed Rashaun Woods.

Dorsey was primarily a RB and returner here, so I find its a bit of a head scratcher, unless Levengston has finally wound up deep inside Pinball's doghouse.