Toronto scored 1 point

The score right now is 10-1. How did Toronto only score 1 point?

I know you can get 2 for a safety, or the PAT conversion. But how do you only score 1 point?

You're kidding right?
The Argos scored what is called a rouge.
BC failed to get the ball out of the end-zone on the missed field goal attempt

can u believe bash's return??....WOW

nice to see a return count for a change.

anyone watching TSN Broadband?...its cool that its free.

another long return....CFL is BACK

No, I wasn’t kidding. I wasn’t aware of the “rouge” rule. But thanks for answering my question without being condescending. :wink:

I didn't mean to be condescending. Its just that the "single" has got to be one of the biggest complains among fans of the CFL. Some consider it to be rewarding a missed field goal. Others look at it as being a great part of the game.