Toronto @ Saskatchewan

Cleo Lemon is back in at QB for the boatmen.. Durant's ankle is good to go according to him... Rider also have a perfect record at home on the line today.

Now lets go KILL those tax-absorbin', grant-wantin', free-spendin', Liberal-votin', culture-freak Ontario types and GRIND 'EM INTO THE GROUND!!!!!!

Center of the Universe snobs with their free health care, and all them teeth in them thar mouths. Who needs 'em?

And they don't know how to even make a decent watermelon helmet, or even a beer-case hat, neither.

(Kidding! Just Kidding! :smiley: )

Hey, I didn't vote for the Liberals...

This is essentially Saskatchewan Roughriders defense versus Cory Boyd...
Something tells me this game will be close. I don't know why, becuase frankly Toronto hasn't been good the second half but I guess we'll see.

This game should be close as Saskatchewan generally doesnt do more than they have to to win the football game. If this game remains close, the edge goes to the Riders as they will be playing in a noisy Mosiac stadium. Too bad I had to give up my ticket for the game today. Enjoy the game to all who are going.

Hey can you help us with our New Yorkers, Washingtonians, and to some degree Angelenos in this regard as well Hit 'em Hard? I proposed the same to Artie some time ago good stuff. :thup:

I don't know, I have a feeling this is going to be a good old fashioned blowout by the Riders. I can see DD getting his second 500 yard game today.

Argos in an upset.


arrest this fool!!

Game on !! Boyd is already making his presence felt.

Good afternoon legalbeagle; 3-0 Argo's mmmmmmm

...postin from beautiful BC, Toronto 3 Sask is done, fat lady sings..

well, the Riders will get going, just might take them a drive or two.

Wow what a bad throw. Protect the ball dude..
See Toronto came to play. It should be a good game!

Durant was rushed somewhat on the pick six I say. 11-0 Toronto. However Riders will get it going me thinks.

Yep. Pick-6.

Maybe it will wake up the Green team.

Yeah on the replay, I can see that it wasn't so much his fault. Good pressure and the defender basically just beat the receiver to the ball.

they need to get the Argo's in a 2-out here. the offense needs to get a rhythm here.

Got what you asked for. Now ask for a TD :slight_smile:

big 1 play here soon. for a TD!