Toronto @ Sask

Any predictions, I just hope we don’t get blown out!! This will be the first look at our brand new team… :thup: :thdn:

7 mins in 14 to zip for Toronto... man we have such a great d and special teams... lol... and our O is just putting up the yards...

Touchdown Riders - lead cut to 14-7 Toronto

A better 2 nd Quarter, still a long ways to go, DD is looking better... lets see the 3rd... 21-10

Ugly ugly ugly first half. Blown coverage on the second Argo td. Oh nice hang time by Bartel on the first punt . Line drive and no time for cover team to get set up. Yes it should have been called back as it was clearly a block in the back.

Really question how many 3rd down gambles we went for, the last one we fumbled on especially. Bad spot on the field to turn the ball over and then have it go all the way back. Big momentum swing when we were starting to get some traction.

Good lord way too much only 3 D linemen. Give Ray that kind of time and sooner or later he is going to pick you apart. I thought with all the hype about our d line they would be getting a lot more pressure on Ray. So far not nearly enough.

Yup our special teams suck once again. Big mistake relying on Bartel and firing our special teams coach last year.

Defensively not a bad game but not great. Offense is needing major work. Other then Roosevelt it looks like we have no real threats. Other teams will be double teaming him soon and unless we get another weapon we are in trouble.

I agree for the most part, but Collins had a few nice picks also, but yah Special teams suck, and the D improved as the game went on, but I am not impressed yet, first game, to get the bugs out, lets see how they do next week, oh and DD looked pretty good for a guy out for 1 1/2 years

Durant was so so but that isn't shocking. He made some bad passes but also some bad reads. Realistically he should have had at least 3 picks and two of those easily were 6 points the other way. In the second half he seemed to be forcing things a bit too much and too many deep balls. He needs to settle in and take whats there but again after this much time off not really surprising. I think he really wanted to have an outstanding game and lay the doubters to rest.

Really though this game was up for the winning but that first punt return and that 3rd down gamble with a qb that has practically zero snaps with us, man now that one I would like to kick Jones in the butt for. I mean really, your in your own end and you put in Munz who never even got the ball in his hands and 6 points the other way. That was a very stupid move by Jones and one I'm sure he will admit he had a brain cramp on.

Those are the kind of mistakes that kill the team and if he is looking to get on the wrong side of fans then that kind of stupid decision will do the trick. Oh and with less then 3 minutes to go and we need two scores we punt? A little late to be conservative at that point. I mean really after you go for it on 3rd down 3 times before you decide at that point its time to play it safe? Heck Cory made those same stupid decisions and got nailed to the cross for it. Jones should be no different.

The Moth Bowl

Damned moths!

Seemed like there was a fair bit of shuffling of personnel, which was to be expected. The team made a lot of stupid mistakes and was not refined...that should also be expected as the Argos had played a regular season game.

The good sign was that barring one horrid broken coverage the D played pretty well. They gave up that brutal play..and Herbert (I believe) seemed done after that... and a TD on a very short field...they didn't surrender a pile else.

The D lacked pressure...but I believe that was by design. They seemed to be rolling back some to aid a secondary that needs time to get on the same page.

The D interior concerned me going in...that stands

Francis and Reaves are solid athletes...I don't know about players. I think Francis can be, but they need to find the proper spot for him. Reaves at DE...I don't buy it.

Campbell looks like he could be a solid NI CB rotation. With his amazing burst I wouldn't mind seeing him at Safety.

Leonard exceeded expectations

Cox/Dixon were gone after a would expect nothing less...we will see how they progess

On O Steele did a pile better than I was anticipating...I will give him that.

No complaints about the receivers...they looked pretty good.

I hate the O being run...a lot. I said I felt it was a downgrade coming in coordinator wise, and it showed. The passes were predictable and getting jumped...timing passes are not on DD when that happens. DD needs movement on deep balls...the fly route does not work for him...he needs posts, flags, showed, and I hope it is something they recognize moving forward. I know that the playbook will expand, but it was pretty iffy at times. These short passes are fine, but they need to turn more little hooks into go routes and slants...D was all over them.

I know many are high on Clark...I have never have been a huge fan...he had some really bad snaps. 3rd and a foot was on him....that single play could have changed this game a lot.

Hazimine had a disappointing night...he can do better...but overall DD got solid protection. A few frustrating holds, but can't as for much more time.

That one big return...I don't know how that hit from behind is missed...but it happens. Horrid hit that cause a pretty serious incident.
Punting was alright overall...Toronto's was obviously better. Bartel was generally getting ok air on his kicks....he was clearly out legged though. Coverage improved with time. What was concerning was hitting the hash marks...not sure if that is by design or what, because he was hitting it so consistently...but it is a concern....and was a concern last time he was with the club.
Return blocking was alright

6 things....
3rd and a foot
Fumble for TD (embty backfield...F off...just stop)
Horrid bust on coverage
1 punt return that should have been called back
Punt coverage...that will improve as personnel gets locked down.
Newman's offside

these are moments that shaped this game, and things that can be worked on in practice. It is a work in progress for sure, but there is some level of promise there. You take away a couple of those and this is a different game...even if the tipped punt turned into a block. I realize that Toronto dropped a couple picks, but the Riders did to. 2 TDs wrapped up as presents really....

was not expecting a win tonight, though they showed enough to have some promise moving forward. I would suspect they will be destroyed next week though.

The dropping to a 3 man rush really concerns me. Once in a while to give a different look fine but to do it on every defensive series not so much. I agree that they probably were trying to compensate for the secondary but other teams are going to kill them if this continues. Ray really didn't have a lot of heat on him. You get a more mobile qb in there and he will exploit that all game long.

Bartel is not the answer and why we didn't keep our punter from last year was really a stupid decision. So what if he isn't Canadian. When you get results like what Bartel had last night you are getting killed in field position. Punt returns were terrible except for the one by Lawrence that the Argo wiffed on the tackle, otherwise they did jack squat.

Steele is not the answer and again this should have been obvious. Steele is a band aid at best. He would be fine as a rotational rb but not the guy you want handling the main load.

Other then Roosevelt who else stood out as a receiver? Never was a fan of Clark but still to put Munz or whatever his name is in a situation like that is on the coach. It was a stupid decision and yes Clark did muff the snap but again probably not use to a new qb cadence or how he takes the ball didn't help either.

Still I have to ask why did they punt with less then 3 minutes to go and needing two scores? If your to do that then your realistically not playing to win so then why leave Durant in to risk an injury?

Jones coached a poor game period and pulled some real Cory calls. They should have kept Smith even for those 3rd down gambles. I mean why have Coleman and the dough boy hanging around if they can't even come in on short yardage and get the job done? I think Durant did tweak his ankle a bit on the first failed qb sneak. This is not what he should be used for as far too often the qb does get his feet rolled on in those pile ups. Again a stupid risk by Jones. Having players not play their natural positions is fine for a rec game and if you want to tinker with it in practice for emergency situations its fine too but it reeks of weakness. I mean we have a guy playing safety that should be a receiver. Big target and good speed but he isn't being utilized correctly.

Oh and other then one play did Lemon even see the field? I don't think I heard his name mentioned once other then that. That isn't a good thing when your a D linemen. Caps didn't exactly light it up either.

I wasn't displeased with the effort but as I said this was a winnable game that we gave away, and that does upset me.

If I was going based off stats I thought our defense played and Durant played well enough to win.

A couple bad breaks and some early season jitters were the difference in the ball game. If they are still making the same mistakes week 4 or 5 I will be concerned. The talent level is there to at least make playoffs IMO.

The D is probably not a concern for schemes...very likely a temporary thing...I mean we didn't really even see cover 0 I don't you know this is not the final product as Jones loves that...the secondary simply is not ready to implement what he wants to run....Brooks getting 6ed set that back hard

Ray Early was let go because he started well but faded...he was not worth the Import spot unless he was way way more consistent or doing all 3 duties...considering he faded w/o doing FGs that is unlikely. The added factor was the horrid NI depth....once they settle out that end I could see them considering an Import leg. Last year's staff did him no favors by not letting him showcase his strength...FGs...instead of bringing in McCallum. I would rather see Van Gylswyk playing. IMO Bartel's nag time was acceptable but not was more placement...and that end I question if it was him or by design. I am not sure...his placement was consistent so it makes it hard to read.

I have clearly not been a supporter of Steele...but in this game, what exactly did he do wrong? He had a great game.

Roosevelt is clearly the go to guy...this should not be a surprise at all...he and DD practiced a lot in the off season. I thought Chiles looked great and that his TD grab was beautiful. Collins looked darned solid....especially for his first game!

I know I didn't agree with punting with 3 minutes left either. The only thing I can think is that he didn't want to risk another score and it was in scoring area. I can understand that...once you get a >2 score loss it is pretty heavy on the squad...I still think they should have gone for it, but whatever. There were definitely some iffy calls and boneheaded play...but it is week 1...if some of this is there in week 3 I start to worry.

Lemon did play some in the 3rd and 4th....but was mostly in roll back mode Would seem that he has been beaten out for a job....which speaks pretty well for the guys ahead of him as he is a pretty respectable DE.
I think Caps is still coming to speed so to speak after being dinged up in camp. the lower pressure applied will effect that to.

Sorry but I just didn't see the hang time on Bartel's punts as anywhere close to acceptable. At least twice he kicked quick dropping screamers and the return team were on them instantly. The only way he can get any distance is by kicking like that it seems. He simply has no leg. This is going to be an issue if they stick with him all season.

Steele didn't do a lot on the ground, missed at least two key block assignments and dropped a couple of balls that could have helped keep drives going. That is not exactly impressive in my books . 61 yards rushing is not going to cut it by a long shot. No run game means far more heat on DD and that probably won't work out well either.

61 rushing yards, on 10 attempts. That is 6.1 yards per carry. What average do you believe is acceptable?

Can't speak to the missed blocks...I never noticed at the game...perhaps on TV I could. I noticed 1 that he probably should have caught and didn't.

Not disputing Bartel....I don't think he should be around....he did win out in camp...don't care...he should be replaced.

I second those quotes :thup:

2 points to make here I remember someone saying we need 15 plus rush attempts to win games, below that we lose,
the other one is, if I recall right, both Messim and Allen averaged over 7. something last season... am I wrong

Cobb was the best RB IMO, he' got cut, so I am not sure on all of Jones calls when it comes to players... just saying.

I am also sure it will be a blow out next week-end, no way we win...

Yup. I know I said that...I am sure others did as well. That was under previous we will see if it holds true, but IMO DD needs that balance to excel. With the quick hit passes it changes the dynamics a lot....the reason a balanced running game has been so important to DD is that it keeps the DL and LBs hones...quick hit passing can accomplish the same thing.

I thought Dyer was better than Cobb. Seastrunk has been by far the best RB for actually rushing I have seen thus far this season though. He looks damned good. That is only for rushing though...there are other aspects that he is not getting it done. Problem is that right now I think they really lack a RB (Walter aside) who can catch....we all knew this was a concern coming in.