Toronto @ Sask

I picked Sask, so Toronto will probably win. Seems to be the way my weekend's going. :lol:

Durant 7

Ray 0

Don’t jinx it! :lol:

Ray.. -2 now

If that young Argo tackle can't handle John Chick, it's going to be a long day for RR.

All right, we might be looking at a blowout.

Edit: Sure, Durant throws a pick as I hit submit. :lol:

Ho boy, are these teams ever fond of each other. This is going to be a game where Dwight Anderson is going to lose it too, my guess.

I'm surprised they called off-setting penalties. I thought for sure Toronto was about to get hammered with a couple flags.

Ref did a nice job there.

The Rider D had looked transformer like tonight.. .me likes!!

Say again?

Nothing ever rattles Ricky Ray … even an extremely bad start.

No it’s not you, lol…Rod Black said “Wow Sask out to a 14 to nothing lead and Durrant hasn’t even thrown a pass”

he nailed it right on the head!!!


They didn’t look so good against BC last game they played…

Didn’t realize that statement needed explaining! :roll:

Will Ford: looks like the Riders have found their new feature back … until Kory Sheets returns from the NFL.

I hate the Riders with a burning passion...but this is the first game all year that has not resembled a preseason game...people can actually catch the ball and there is no ridiculous penalties.. That running punt even looked awesome.This is actually professional football... I am so sick of the amature crap I've been watching all season

Well.. this game will leave the CATS in 1st place... woot...

We are the best of the worst!!

Ray picked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the work stoppage or whatever it was during the CBA negotiation really hurt the early-season performance of most teams for some reason. They’re all getting back in the groove now. The refs too. They have new things they have to think about this year, and it shows.

Hands up anyone who thought the argos actually had a chance to win this game.

Anyone who didn't put the argos at the bottom of their power rankings this week doesn't really get how power rankings work.