Toronto Rock relocating to Hamilton

I guess it's relocating back to Hamilton

5 year lease agreement at the First Ontario Centre.

Were there rumblings a move was being talked about, even before Covid?

Will retain the name at this time and will have better access to preferred dates than working around the Leafs and Raptors.

Training Centre is in Oakville, I believe so they do have a footprint in both markets.

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Big loss but not surprising.

Maybe another team may take up residence under the MLSE banner.

Preferred the Rock to move into Coca-Cola Arena.

No respect for Canada's true national sport.

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Well, the Toronto Rock has one up on the Toronto Maple Leafs, they were the last Toronto professional team to win a league championship at the old Maple Leafs Garden. And no relocation can take that away from that franchise

The relocating has nothing to do with showing a lack of respect imo.

They will retain the name? Toronto Rock?

According to Rod Petersen's show, they will

Well, like it or lump it, Hamilton is becoming more and more in people's minds another part, if you will, of the GTA even if it's not officially I don't believe part of the GTA but many are moving to Hamilton from Toronto for less expensive homes and a smaller city atmosphere with the Niagara escarpment and waterfalls trails and that.

Agree with Scott Radley here suggesting if no knows Hamilton from Bermuda, and Hamilton has hosted a PGA tour event the Canadian Open a few times which gets major American television broadcast time, well then Panther City? What, where is that? :laughing:

Already off to a bad start communications-wise. The easiest and obvious solution would've been to go with simply "The Rock".

Or they could have gone with Ontario Rock.

It caters to both markets while having a connection to the franchise's first year


If the team takes root (unlike lasting a season the first time around) then you can see a rebrand somewhere down the line.

Anything can happen in 5 years.

The Stealth moved to Langley and was named Vancouver Stealth. Eventually rebranded as the Vancouver Warriors when they moved to Rogers Arena.

Toronto can get another team under MLSE if they choose to enter the world of LAX.

I also understand the Rock were 4th in the pecking order at Scotiabank Arena.

Maple Leafs

Trying to figure out who the 3rd team is .



Agree as you mention "if the team takes root (unlike lasting a season the first time around) then you can see a rebrand somewhere down the line". Changing the name of a team involves a fair bit I would think. Time will tell and most of the people really interested in lacrosse around Hamilton were probably going to Toronto anyways, it isn't far of course :wink: when they wanted to watch a Rock game live.

The third team? Maybe the Marlies, don't know, they do play the odd game at Scotiabank I think.

Oh, come to think of it, isn't Toronto and Ontario the same thing anyways? (playing devils advocate here.... I think :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

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A Toronto team that doesn't play in Toronto? Torontonians will lose interest.

A Toronto named team playing in Hamilton? What a turn off!

Attendance prediction - 4000 average.

“No disrespect to the people in Hamilton,” owner Jamie Dawick says. “But around North America, a lot of people would look at you and think you’re talking about Bermuda or something like that.” (Quoted from Hamilton Spec)

Revised attendance prediction after disrespectfully kicking Hamiltonians in the teeth - 2800 to 3300 average.

Hamilton Rocks!


I thought Toronto is the center of the universe, me thinks :beers::rofl:

…NLL lacrosse teams are notoriously under-funded, and this looks like a clear case of mgmt handing one of the players the title of Director of Marketing

Let me see, Toronto has the "Skydome" or "Rogers Centre" think it's called that you can climb up the stairs in the stadium and say "wow". (ok, they have the penile looking CN Tower, fair enough :wink: And Hamilton has the Niagara Escarpment running right through it with wonderful views on top of Lake Ontario and the surrounding countryside (ok, apart from the steel factories, just don't look that way :wink: I think Jamie Dawick doesn't actually know Hamilton and surrounding area that well to be honest. :slight_smile:

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You know, sometimes when I’m walking down Barton St., I like to close my eyes, click my heels three times, and pretend I’m in Bermuda.

Nah, I love Hamilton.

Good one . :grinning:

I didn't even know about a Hamilton Bermuda until now .

Never thought of Bermuda as a destination for a holiday I guess .

It's a destination if you want to disappear in the Triangle. LOL!

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That guy may have been onto something about the name causing confusion - there are 47 cities all over the world that share the Hamilton name, and 33 are in the USA.

Fun reading (or not)

Heaven help London , Ontario if they ever get any pro teams they will have to change the name of the city .

I think Archie Bunker made a costly mistake down at the docks over that exact issue .