Toronto retro 70's jersey

Has there been any news about the Argos wearing that dark royal blue retro jersey Toronto wore against Montreal again in 2011?

That jersey was amazing! awful. No stripes, no piping, no light blue, and not even close to any uniform the team wore at any time in the 1970s or any other era. Couldn't have been a bigger miss if they had set out to deliberately come up with the cheapest, least attractive "retro" possible.

no way it was bold, best thing the Argos ever wore

To each his own, I guess.

While I wasn't a HUGE fan of their jerseys either (could've used more light blue), they were probably based on the uniforms in this picture:

According to the Argos website (, they wore these from 1968-1975. I guess since the sleeves have become shorter nowadays, they just took out the stripes on the sleeves. I think they probably should have thrown them in there anyway like the Ticats did with theirs, just because it's hard to sell a blank, dark blue jersey for $80+.

awesome to see the ARGOS sporting the dark blue jersey's hope to see it again

as long as they dont go with that light blue uniform anymore. way too soccer

I think Reebok does a lousy job in general with all the league uniforms, let alone the half ass hackjobs that they call retros.

But that's what they were trying to achieve... a solid, dark blue jersey, with no distinctive markings... perfectly plain for those who do not want to be seen in Argo ware... low key, under the radar, type of stuff... for the toronto market, it makes perfect sense.