Toronto Release DB for missed tackle!

Argos release defensive back Williams after missed tackle in game
TORONTO T.J. Williams paid a hefty price for missing a tackle.

The Toronto Argonauts released the rookie defensive back Monday after Williams missed a tackle on Montreal receiver Jamel Richardson in the Alouettes’ 24-12 victory at Rogers Centre on Sunday.

Richardson scored on a 75-yard touchdown pass from Anthony Calvillo late in the third quarter. Williams had a shot at Richardson at about the Toronto 10-yard line and instead of making the tackle appeared to try to knock Richardson out of bounds.

But he ended up barely touching the Montreal receiver, who scored easily.

The six-foot-three, 183-pound Williams joined the Argos as a free agent June 10 out of Valdosta State University. He appeared in seven games — five as a starter — and had 11 tackles and two interceptions.

The Canadian Press

If this were the case in Hamilton how many players would have been cut after the last game on Friday? Do you agree?

wouldnt put it past the ticats to pick him up.

Almost a guarantee

Think of the money we could make. if we just fined them.

Bet there are some high school D players that would be glad to improve the ticat D for minimum salary.

He's played 7 games, starting 5, and there's only one Ti-Cat (Webb) who has matched his interception total (2) this year.
I hope he's at practice here tomorrow.

sometimes a player will play for interceptions, giving up too many receptions and missed tackles in the process. However, his lack of effort on that play would probably fit in well with the rest of the ticat D.

an upgrade.

As a few folks here have hinted at, he's being punished not so much for poor execution as for lack of effort. Since he's a rookie, they blue team brass may just be thinking it's a convenient way to send a strong message to the rest of the team.

His effort on that play was totally bush league. The guy is a pro, paid to do a job which he didn't do. He had the angle and could've pushed Richardson out of bounds but he gave up on the play and allowed a TD.

Good riddance.

An Argo-Cat fan

I'm hearing you.

Our secondary is horrific with no one taking a leadership role within the group.

It sure was a strange play. On the replay...I swear it looked like he actually tried pushing Richardson towards the endzone as his left hand was on the back of Richardson.

Should be interesting to see if anyone picks him up. How long does a bad play like that stay with someone...will it end his career or will another team give him a chance to redeem himself? Will it be this year or next?

I was watching the game and when I saw that play i really couldn't believe how bad of an effort he put in. Saying that we need some major upgrades in the secondary, I have no clue how good he is but if the coaches think he has some talent we need that.

They shoud also FIRE the coach for trying that 3rd down fake ! :lol:

He was cut after the trade deadline (Oct. 11?), so I'm pretty sure that even if a team were to sign him this year, he would not be eligible to play until next year.