Toronto Raptors, the official CFL NBA team

Let's Go Raptors Let's Go! - We The North

Bell Canada acquires Raptors’ behind-the-scenes show, Open Gym

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Ok, it's off-season. :wink:

I'll be sure not to watch that.

X2 :thup:

You The Duds. :wink:

somehow I missed the connection to the cfl????

Bell and TSN, you know, who televises CFL games so the healthier Bell is with people watching the Raps, NFL, MLS, MLB or anything Bell airs for that matter, and getting their numbers up, that's good for the CFL's most important partner. Or is this a stretch to think like that? :? But in the Raps case, it's a team in Canada, Canada's only NBA team of course, so why don't we adopt them as the CFL's NBA team, unofficially and just to have some fun sort of thing as well?

As I say, off-season.

Raptors can go kiss my ass

Can't we talk about expansion or something instead? :lol: