Toronto Radio Monday AM --- might surprise you

CFL and the Argos the best thing?

Guests that include various media personnel were on Toronto local radio Monday and the consensus was ''what an event the Argos and the CFL put on''

It even gets more interesting when some sports personalities suggest now that the NFL is distancing themselves from the CFL and not in a good way. ''CFL is better'' ''Argos and CFL better than what the NFL has to offer'' ''CFL players play with passion who are exceptional players'' ''CFL playoffs would rival NHL and Olympics for pure joy and excitement''

I'm not sure if this person would want me to show his audio link from his show regarding what he said about the last 10 years in Toronto Sports and how wrong he was to ignore the Argos and how he has always been a fan but the Argos put on a show that anyone who went would say was the best sports scene in Toronto since the Maple Leafs making the playoffs.

Wayne Gretzky ''Always great to be at an Argonaut game'' - ''what they have done here is what defines a city''

Ian Campbell '' Aside from the Maple Leafs pride in southern ontario the Argos and the CFL have drastically put their footprints on the sporting scene. This was a tremendous over the night sensation. From downtown to the Ex grounds it was electric''

Getting that positive media coverage will be the best thing for the team, constantly being s–t on by the media is a huge reason for our issues. If there’s a sports team in your area and the media has nothing but negative things to say about it, you’re probably not going to go if you’re not already a fan. Hearing even our CFL hating media admit that an Argo game is the most fun you can have around here will make people want to check it out which is HUGE.

Full marks to the current management too, they did a great job with this game. Almost selling out the game with no discounts or giveaways is great for the books.

The problem is - and it was the same after the 100th grey cup - that that make this positive impression right before going on a 8 month hiatus that is the offseason.
People forget and move on.

They need this kind of positive impression right from the opener - which they squandered when they first moved into BMO, had a large crowd, great vibe and shit the bed on the field.

Then they need to one-up the effort.
They need to find the sweet-spot in ticket prices right from opening game next season, pack the building and put on a show that will allow the momentum to carry on.

The OP has not linked or named a single source or radio station in his post. Also he uses a Wayne Gretzky quote that is a lot older than the ORBs.

Sense a pattern forming.

It appears our "protagonist" has gotten smarter; creating positive thread to open up a venue for his negative side to vent and antagonize.

While driving to the game Sunday on the DVP I saw a fairly large banner spread across an overpass that said "NO ARGOS AT BMO" and I thought "alright some Argo presence in TO!

I think Gretzky just wants more people in his restaurant and bar, lol.

I remember way back when and Gretzky was part owner of the Argos along with John Candy and Bruce McNall and some others I believe.

They injected a ton of hype and it worked for awhile, then the owners had issues (particularly McNall) and the old apathy from the fans crept right back in.

I thought it was Dwayne Gretzky at the game yesterday who was with the band at the pregame and anthem . Is he related to the great one .

Was Wayne Gretzky at the game ? Being serious maybe I missed it . There were Leafs there yesterday maybe he was sitting with Babs .

I'm not sure if The Great One was at the game or not. I was replying to a quote supposedly from him re: Argos, venue, atmosphere etc

I don't think Wayne was at the game. Walter was there though.

Dwayne Gretzky is a local band that played the tailgate and the national anthem, although we didn't get to hear the anthem on TV due to technical difficulties. No relation to Wayne.

No problem I was just curious as I watched the game and I thought TSN would interview the great one at the game for sure if he was there . So if you didn't see it and I didn't see or hear it I was wondering can anyone substantiate he was actually there .

Along with Gretz I loved John Candy and sat behind him a few rows back in Landsdowne when the Argos came to town . He was very relatable and I actually teared up when I heard he died .

Glad to hear Walter was there a true Canadian . Thanks for the info on Dwayne .

Yes Wayne Gretzky was there. He was with his son and another family. He was wearing a Argo jersey with Candy on the back.

Ah yes. He was there. He just wasn't photographed, or tweeted about, or written about by anyone but you. Makes total sense. :slight_smile:

Yup , makes total sense alright ???

He just wasn't photographed, or tweeted about, or written about.......or shown once in a crowd shot , or once being interviewed , or once signing autographs or once mingling with the masses::).

I'm thinking the only mirage here is the poster known as Mirage . Perhaps just maybe you can provide a link or actual photo of the "Great One" complete with the Candy jersey he supposedly wore at yesterdays game ? Hmmm , didn't think so ::slight_smile:

Hate to say it folks BUT if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck.........then it must be a (fill in the blank)


Protagonist 8)

are you calling me a drama queen? :cry: :slight_smile:

The Argos will only become relevant here in the city if/when the games become an "event or an in place to be".
Looks like yesterday was an aberration or a one off?

The OP sounds an awful lot like a previous poster known as ActionNews, if you remember him.

No one will forget ActionNews. One of the more creative protagonists we have had here in recent years.