Toronto Player Strobe Light

What’s with the Toronto Player #19 with the strobe light. Plus took helmet off after play on field?
Was at the game, what’s up with that?

I saw that too… on the big screen looked like one of those reflective visors. But in person, it wasn’t just a glare, it clearly looked like a flashing light of some kind.

Was he an android?

If it was that annoying, he must have been an Apple product...

#19 is SJ Green right

Yes SJ
I wonder if it was annoying to the plays on field.
Could it distract the game?

I found it wierd, expected to hear the “Star Wars? theme and see Luke Skywalker materialize on the sidelines. No doubt a distraction, and no doubt in my mind it was intended to be.

I caught that too. I thought is was just a reflection of the stadium lights, however it just looked too pinpoint. ???

Maybe to be part of a TD celebration that fortunately never happened??