Toronto Over Montreal

Man who would have guessed this.

It was a great performance and good game but in the end the Argos paid the Als back 37-22

A 15 point win over the widely considered best team in the league.

Are the argos up there with the Stamps, Riders and Als now as the top 4 in the league?

Well, shove a crow-bar up my nose & paint me blue! That was a pleasant surprise!!! Way to go Argos!!!!!!!

Wow is right, great job.

The Argos are absolutely the biggest surprise of the season and are proving alot of people wrong, great job!!

Great game. Exciting; great catches, great TD's, great returns.
Not sure what the call on Parker was about late in the game, he clearly didn't interfere with the player going for the ball. It was a costly penalty in yards, luckily the Als didn't get a TD out of it. Could that be challenged??

See the post about this in the thread in the main forum, as the call apparently indeed after much confusion and no help from Rod Black was NOT on Parker but on Younger off-screen who was not as far up the field and off the ball:


Hey there Argo fans!

This is from a life-long Als fan. Yes, I have stuck with them through thick and thin (and there was plenty of thin at times!).

Looks like you have a team! Get out there and support them! You have a magnificent facility and I wold like to see sellouts at every game. Fill the upper deck!

Looks like this season is shaping up to be "Shoot-out at the OK Corral" for 1st place this season. All the more reason to support your team!


Surprisingly to me, but very impressive! I really thought 3 wins might be all they could get all season