Toronto @ Ottawa

Last game did Dunigan say MBT reads Bertolt Brecht or did I imagine it ?

MBT is 11-17 with a 5-0 record vs Ottawa.

So he's 6-17 against the rest of the CFL?


Arblow bounce

Chris Edwards fumbles on his own 5. You hate to see that with such a classy guy

Lapo really thinks Evans wouldn't do better from the 4?

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Save On Foods actor : "I'm a big annoying goof. Who would ever hire me?"

Save On Foods : "We should talk".

Ottawa has a shot at this...but not with Hodges at qb

Game feeling trappy for Tor.


Phantom PI call that Dunigan is getting his shots in on the officials. Love it

It does.
But feels crappy for Ottawa.

Argos convert 2nd and 22. Ball appears to have touched the ground.
Lapo has decided to stop coaching.

OTT DB was complaining.

I must have missed when he started

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Looks like the blew team can't stop the run.

Embarrassed we lost to TOR. Twice.

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Team should be embarrassed and come out flying next week to blow them out.

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Both these teams look aweful.

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Like they did last night ?

MBT stinks