Toronto/Ottawa Game Day Thread

Beautiful night for football.

Let's see how the Argos fare with Logan Kilgore at QB - - surely he can outperform what Mitch Gale did on Friday.

He will undoubtedly have more he should have a fair shot at it anyways

The first-time starter vs the old veteran! Should be interesting - at least I hope it will be

WONDERFUL - this game is off to a "flag a play" again!

Tony Gabriel hasn't looked this good since he made a cameo appearance on You Can't do that on Television. :smiley:

(Cue it up at about 18:45)

Yup - classic Hank - tossing picks! Right back where he left off in week 1? - I don't think so! :lol:

Can't remember who I picked to win this one but so far I'd say that Kilgore is outplaying Ol' Hank!

This season must be a record low for picks.. less than 1 a game per team I would have to guess.

WTH! First its a TD for Ellingston then its not?

It was the right move to make in that was it a TD and it is the end it sorted out correctly

Ruled a TD on the field, and all scoring plays are reviewed and he clearly lost the handle on the ball when he hit the ground. Actually one of the plays they handled properly IMO.

Probably decided that he didn't have control of the ball - it did hit the turf on his way down.

Ottawa should have skipped the trick play and just gone for the sure TD though - ended up with a big fat 0

I didn't hate the gamble...just the play

Well if Burris plays like this the starters job will be waiting for Harris when he comes back. Musical QB's in Ottawa. Nice problem to have though.

If Jefferson and Raymond could hang on to the football Hank would have three picks by now. :oops: In spite of having favourable FP most of the half they have not scored a point.

Kilgore is not a pro QB.. He is throwing floaters, that only travel 30 yards... Why would Toronto keep this guy and trade away Gale? Gale atleast can throw the ball 30 yards.

Big TD by the RedBlacks. Left a lot of time on the clock for the Argo's to tie it up.

Argo's got a bit greedy there, big interception.

Man, we're seeing Bad Hank in full force here. The RubyGlooms are lucky Ricky Ray is hurt, otherwise this game would be already out of reach for them....

Hes still on pace for 280 yards.