Toronto/Ottawa - - Game Day July 13

What a disaster trying to get into the stadium. Only parking available at Ontario Place which would t be too bad if everyone was allowed to cross Lakeshore.

Note to the CFL schedule maker - - no more games at BMO during Indy Week.

Good for you for going. :thup: Hopefully you are NOT alone.

I'll go out on a limb and predict this will NOT be a sell out.

Well, it is hot and sunny so that may cause some fans to stay home.

Go Argonauts

Getting #24 Jefferson back at corner will be a huge help tonight.

Less than 10k in the stands tonight.

Yikes! We'll see how much it fills in as the 1st quarter goes on but right now the east stands looks like one of their 'home' games at Tim Hortons Field last year.

Ouch!!! Well, to Tannen-Bell's credit, they are not giving away tickets.

Keep us updated, A51. Perhaps things (attendance wise) will get better as the game goes on.

Saw a weight loss commercial (today) with Dan Marino. Even at 54, he looks like more of a quarterback than Ricky Ray at 36. I know I am being silly but I sure wish Ricky Ray looked more like a QB. It would help sell the Argos - even a little bit.

Finally I found a stream for those of you outside of Canada and without access to ESPN3:

[url=] ... auts-63lca[/url]

But it's tricky to access and you have to click off at least three ads.

Unless Ray perhaps has a banner game, I suspect before too long we'll be seeing comments like these in the Trevor Harris thread.

In the new Mitsubishi commercial , we get the thrill of seeing 2 Japanese sumo wrestlers. Two fat men in thongs. I can do without that. :thdn:

He looks like such a wimp.

I have the BT Sport feed via the link below, so I missed that one thankfully! :lol:

East side is in full sun so maybe some of the ticket holders in that area are staying out of the sun until it gets lower in the sky and a touch cooler. I know it looked really empty in the shot shown just before the game began but it does look like there are a few more people there now.

So many flags - I need to say that at least once per game.

And terrible officiating already. Unnecessary roughness while tackling your man and sliding out-of-bounds??? Damn, this is ridiculous. And 3 players have lost their helmets already.... unbelievable.

Wow! With several attempts for Toronto to score; TD Argos

:thup: :thup: Agreeing with your comment