Toronto or Montreal in the East?

Who does everyone think is going to win the East this year?? Being an Argos fan, I’m gonna have to lean towards the Argos. The whole defense from last year is back, and the offense has added a year of experience under Kent Austin.

As long as Calvillo is healthy Montral has the east locked, if Danny Mac brings up his game Hamilton for second and just behind them will be Toronto.

I figure the Als will win it. I think it all depends on how well the Special teams and Defence score for Toronto this year. If they do as well as last year it will be closer, if not Montreal for sure.

With all the players that Montreal has lost over the off season, I find it hard to believe that they will be as good as they were last year. Although, it seems like this has happened for the past few years when the Als lose talent, they still somehow come out on top.

But I really doubt that will be the case this year though, competition around the league will be up, and I really expect to see the TiCats atop the east. Don't get upset here, both the Argos and the Als are still good teams and will challenge for top spot. I just think that the Argos defense, as good as it was at keeping opposing teams out of the endzone, I don't think that they will be able to do it this year.

  • Offence : edge Montreal
  • Defence : edge Toronto
  • Special teams : edge Toronto

I think Montreal will be less dominant than last year (though still pretty good). Toronto could finish ahead, but not by much. Maybe it'll come down to who beat who to break a tie at the top. Or maybe it'll come down to who gets injured.

This may sound deluted but i think that with Montreals losses to their secondary and recieving corps (not to mention a starting NIP in sanchez) will bring them down to just above ordinary. The cats with improved receiving and a secondary that might just have the potential to gel into a cohesive unit will challenge. The argos always seem to find a way to lose, and they always seem to find a way to win too.

IMO it'll be a three way fight for first. maybe 12-6, 11-7, 10-8 (maybe two 11-7's) with the loveable ol' rens comically fighting back in the fourth spot.

no idea who ends up where, lets see what training camp brings. Cheers.

I don't really care as long as the Argos win the Eastern Final Again.

The East should be good race this season. Whichever team is the healthiest down the strecth should have the edge. I would pick Toronto but dont know if Damon can make it through a whole a season. Montreal has a lost a little from last year but if they are healthy I think it is a coin toss.

Should be very interesting this year in the far East. Don;t like making predicts. so I just look at the facts:
1. AL'S lost alot of FA'S this offseason and they sure look alot weaker on defense . Offense looked pretty shakey at the end of last year as well. They could have lots of problems .
2. TO. had better have a good back-up to their octegenarian QB. or they could be in alot of trouble.
3. TI -Cats need a 'new kid in town' at QB. to replace ol' folks Danny Mac. or they could be in the 'pooper' ........
4.Rens......What can you say .... problems off the field..... problems on the field.....they ARE in the' pooper'.
In summation East looks weaker and the West WILL BE a dog-fight.
Just an over-view and lots can still happen between now and KICK-OFF time. Who knows maybe somebody in the East might sign the Flutie boys....... :?:

If you are taking standings it's Mtl all the way. As for who will win the eastern final its a toss up. When you have a one game playoff you can never predict the outcome. One bad play and its all over.

Despite Montreals free agent losses, I predict Montreal will be on top of the Eastern standings at the end of the regular season and as usual, it will come down to a sudden death playoff battle to decide it. Toronto will be a good team, no doubt and Hamilton has improved.

Well, another year, and once again everyone’s writing off my Als before the season even starts. :slight_smile:

Let’s look at the roster this year.

Receivers: Okay, Copeland’s in Calgary and Anderson’s in the NFL. But we’ve always been loaded with talent and remain so this year: Cahoon and Cavil in the slot, Girard on the wideout. As for who replaces Anderson at the other wide receiver slot, we’ve got lots of options: Dave Stala (Canadian), Kerry Watkins, O’Neill Wilson (Canadian), Darnell McDonald (recovered from surgery), and a crop of new imports. Calvillo is such a good QB that he makes average receivers look good and good receivers look great. Nobody had heard of Thyrone Anderson before last year and yet he came out of the season with 1000 yards. Nothing against Copeland but he’s going to find out how much harder it is to get open when you’re the marquee receiver on the team.

On top of that, we’ve bolstered our running game with Michael Jenkins. I think this is the year we finally discover a balance between the run and the pass. Jenkins is going to be dynamite for us if he’s healthy, dare I say the best RB we’ve had since Lawrence Philips.

Secondary: Miles is gone to B.C., Sanchez to Edmonton, Malveaux to the Arena League. You know what? This could actually be a blessing in disguise. Our secondary is going to get bigger and more aggressive this year with Sejour and Crutchfield coming in and Strickland possibly moving to safety. I think we’ll be fine.

Linebacking corps: same as last year, and arguably the best in the league.

D-line: Same great group as last year, with a healthy Marc Megna and Phil Gibson back to rotate with Teto Simpson and Ed Philion.

O-line: Same as last year. All-star group.

QB: Calvillo is healthy and as good as ever, plus we’ve got Eli Robertson backing AC up.

Special teams: Kellett should be 100% recovered from his eye infection, and Ezra Landry is only going to get better.

All this to say: Als take first place again and win the Grey Cup. Go Als!

Hard one, though TO has the edge with all the Montréal key losses.. But Popp knows better..