Toronto or BC?

As coach, not as GM

i agree...keep him as GM, fire him as coach.

Wow, and the Lions had all their starters all game? yeah right. We even played our #4 QB. Not all of Calgary were second stringers either so enough with that jibba jabba. Why would anyone be concerned about the Lions, they keep winning. 1 point, 20 points, its all a win. Good team win even when they suck more often than not. Why would there be extra concern about riders or stamps? They beat the stamps last night and the riders got creamed at home. I think the concern should lie elsewhere.

Technically its down to 4 team where the lions and argos are concerned.

At sportbooks, BC and Toronto are favourites to be in grey cup game. Both are the hottest teams and division leaders.

Don't be fooled by performance in recent weeks. Stronger west teams didn't need to win. Whereas, east teams (playing catchup) aren't that good if they are in must-win games in final month.

You are right ro1313…In a one game playoff game, upsets are NOT uncommon. The Western teams had nothing to play for this weekend, so I wouldn’t read anything into ANY TEAMS results. Winnipeg and Toronto were the only teams that needed “Must wins”.