Toronto or BC?

Since we all know that no one can cover Geroy Simon in the west (especially in the dome) and he is healthy again, its pretty evident that BC will be going to the cup. In the east it will be a miracle of Boston College proportions to keep Toronto out of the Grey Cup.

So who will win it? A few weeks ago I would have said BC in a laugher. Today, it'll be tough. Toronto is the only team that can consistently shut down offenses to the point of making a game boring. Its their home crowd and they beat BC before? Should be a good one.

If its a Toronto-Lions GC game, I will be cheering for the Argos to win it. I say your little prediction is a bit premature. You BARELY beat the Calgary 2nd stringers with your starters. If I were you , I would be very concerned about your team, and how they perform no matter if its either the Riders or the Stamps that move on the Western final. The Lions did NOT look like a GC contender yesterday

if u want to play THAT game, neither the lions, riders or stamps looked good yesterday.

perhaps its cuz none of them had anything to play for, or maybe cuz they all suck?

the argos clearly looked the best this weekend, so does that mean they win the grey cup in a cakewalk?..

…or, is it cuz the argos were the only team with a reason to win?


Argos were the only team with a reason to win, and they had way more intensity than any of the three Western playoff teams yesterday. I doubt that scenario is going to happen again.

Mervin is just trying to get a rise out of Rider fans, and I bit, but to say that the GC will feature the Lions and Argos is fine, I just happen to disagree with him.

.....without Prefontaine, who could be out for the rest of the season and seeing one T.O's starting guards go down for the rest of the year....sounds like a bit of trouble and no gurantee of a win for the Argos. in the final....IF Wpg. gets by the Als. ...look-out...the Bombers could end up as the easts Grey Cup rep.....things can change in the 'new season'...even to the point where Westwood actually makes a field-goal from the forty.. :lol: :wink:

Now that TO has secured first place, all the pressure will be on them to win the final at home. Odds are the final will be a close defensive struggle with either Wpg or Montreal, where one turnover or big play could be the difference.

The only knock I have against BC is the rookie Jackson at qb, he isn't playoff proven. Unless the Riders and Stamps get their defences playing well above where they have been, it might not matter anyway.

However, the East wins the GC this year.

Sambo do you honestly think the Riders are a better team then the Lions at this point? Or are you just being troll bait for swervin? Also before I get attacked better does not mean they are way better then the Riders. They are just at this point better then the riders. But anything can happen on any given day.

As I’ve said all year, “barely” is still a win. And it doesn’t matter how we get there, we always manage to get there.

We’ll be concerned if our team’s losing…they’re not - so we’re not.

If I were you, I’d concentrate on the “listless” effort by your team in an embarrassing loss. It seems you have enough to worry about without focusing on our team. We’re just fine (thank you).

I think Sambo’s point was, BC didn’t exactly look like world beaters yesterday either.
Nor have they down the stretch.
The Lions down the stretch last year looked unstoppable.
This year down the stretch they have looked like a good team able to find ways to win ugly, but certainly but unstoppable.
I’d say the same thing about the Riders.
I don’t think either team has played their best football down the stretch, so it is tough to say which team has the most momentum.
But judging either team based on yesterday’s meaningless games would be a mistake.

ya thats what they did a few years back when they blew it to the eskimos. no team really came out to play last week and to base a GC game of anything seen during the games is a waste of time. ssk sits at 12 wins right on the heels of the lions with the defence that has been scored the least against. calgary also has a strong team that can take either bc or ssk.

in the east MTL has beeen trying to feed off AC leaving to be with his wife and brady has been throwing the ball well giving them the chance to beat wpg and if it works enough even take TO. wpg has probably the strongest team name wise and now shown that their special teams can play. with the addition of reid they can run a 2 back set and send the defenses scrambling to catch up. and TO is the stringest team down the strech with bishop at the reigns, they have to keep warm during the week off which always seems to cool a team off enough to fail to produce.

i think each division is to tight to call at this point. you might be right with a TO BC grey cup or you might be completly wrong lets what till the conference semis before gtting to confident here.

Bottom line here is that its down to 6 teams in a one game system.

Anyone of those teams can win the Cup.

I should say, though, as a Lion's fan I take nothing for granted. And to prematurely put us in the Grey Cup is wrong...while I believe we'll get there, I'm sure there are others who also believe the same thing with their team and it's going to be a close race for sure.

Let's just hope for an interesting end to the season with close, hard fought, entertaining games (unlike some this weekend).

Cheers to the finals. May the best team win.

I posted at the same time…for ONCE, I agree with you.

The season starts now.

its pretty evident that BC will be going to the cup.
way to go. way to jinx the leos. grrr

actually, none of the teams are solid and each has enough weakness that they can be beat on any given day by any of the other playoff teams. Just a slight let down, a screwup on this play or that, bad bounce, etc.

I can almost guarentee you that if the Riders would have opted to play Holmes even though he was a little bit banged up, our offence would have looked completly different. Henri Childs is terrible, and if he is our main back going into the playoffs then we have a problem. Richie Hall has got to tighten up that defence again.

out of the 6 teams in the playoffs, the only team i feel has no chance in hell of making it past the 1st round is montreal.

not only do i think they will lose, i think they will be destroyed big talkin the type of game where u turn it off after the 1st QTR cuz the game is already out of reach.

Its a possibility!
Im not saying Mtl will win but keep in mind, Wpg was playing for 1st place while it was a nothing game for Mtl, and Mtl only lost by 3

And that would look good on Jim Popp , it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

Geeze Pennw
Why do you hate Mtl so much :wink:

I don’t , it’s just Jim that I’ve learned this season not to like. I noticed he’s not even to popular with his own teams fans either. He has said a few things since taking over the coaching reigns ya know .
A couple of guys who rubbed me the wrong way this season ( and I respected before this season) are Popp , Tillman and Jacques Chapdelaine , because of their conduct or things they publicly said.
I really never hated the Als , in fact I often cheered for them when playing certain other teams . I just would like to see Popp get his own walking papers.