Toronto Offence

Damon Allen has had a couple of bad games now, but you can excuse the one where they honoured him, too many off field distractions. No excuses tonight, however, he was just plain brutal. I wonder if the Argos are better off without Ricky in the lineup, they seemed to move the football better when he wasnt in the game.

Yeah Damon has been aweful ever since he broke the record.

The answer is Micheal Bishop. I would start him next week.

I think its because everyone is labeling it as a record breaking season... Labeling things is (in my books) a big distraction... If people would pipe down about it I believe it would just be another day at the office for the leagues favourite grandfather qb :wink:

NO!!!!! don't start bishop netx week. it's damon's spot to lose and he's still better than michael. let him settle down in practice this week and that's it. we can play better next week for sure. defense needs to clamp down and special teams has to get on the returner.
move to football! create turnoveres!
but bishop should stay on the sidelines as long as the boatmen are in the playoff race.

The offense needs a spark, it has looked horrible this year and especially the last two games.

Ricky wasn't that bad, just that Calgary was clearly better.

Ricky had 11 carries for 57 yards hmmm! :lol:

thought he had more than that.

No that was the stat the radio play by play guys gave after the game.

We will see what happens in the rematch with CALGARY next week! :thup:

TORONTO swept the season series last year and I don't think that CALGARY had beaten the ARGOS since 2000.


This year MONTREAL kicked our butt and then we kicked their butt later. :thup: :wink:

Here you go HT for next weeks game!

Use it before and after the game!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Pretty cocky for a team that is having it's first winning season in years. :lol:

How many GREY CUPS has CALGARY won in this decade so far? :wink:

CALGARY are for real , but you know what they say? "On any given day" :thup:

I see you used it! :lol:

Why do people keep bringing up what happened last year?

Last year is meaningless. Team A could have beaten team B 15 times in a row. The fact that team B won this year is what counts!

Damon Allen blames the Toronto Special Teams for the offence's woes. Sorry Damon but even if you start deep in your end it isn't the Special Team's fault if a ball is thrown right into a Stampeder's hands.

Read that as well; that must make for some less than pleasant moments in the locker room; airing dirty laundry in public never seems to do a team any good.