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Is the Canadian Federal Government still blocking other brands of football from playing in Canada? In the 1970s the WFL Toronto Northmen were denied from playing in Canada.

Is there still a block in place?

Just curious if Canadians are allowed to "vote" on this issue with their paid attendance? Are Canadians truly free to choose their local entertainment?

If by choice you mean a pre-existing team, then yes, they can buy that product or not. If you’re talking about a future franchise, I don’t think so. Feasibility studies and due diligence by a prospective owner dictates weather there is a buck to be made. But I’m not sure if I missed your point or not.

Let me try again.

Let's say I want to put a pro football team in Ottawa that will play during the same time frame as the usual CFL schedule.

Would I be blocked from doing that by the Canadian National government or will both the Redblacks and my team be permitted to coexist in a stadium that is NOT owned by either team (assume the stadium is owned by the province).

When the Redblacks are home, my team will be on the road, and vice versa.

I see. you’re talking about it from an owners prospective. I’m not sure I’m qualified to give an answer. I’ll look into that.

It's owned by the city and managed by OSEG who have vested interest in the REDBLACKS and making some money .

So if you have a new styled US team and want to pay them rent for a new football league team they would probably take your money most likely in advance and give you dates that don't infringe on the soccer team and the Canadian football team . Unless the RB's have an exclusive lease for pro football I don't see an issue .

Your Most likely be given third choice or even fourth choice after concerts which may interfere with whatever product your selling .

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This time around there won't be much opposition as long as the stadium is privately funded, or the citizens of Toronto and only them are willing to publicly fund it.

And yes we as Canadians are free to choose what entertainment to spend their disposable income on.

It doesn't mean that the NFL is coming to Toronto as of yet.

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Could the Toronto Northmen not come up with a more original color scheme?