Toronto Northmen

If the Argos ever fold and comeback like Montreal and Ottawa once did, I hope the league calls them the Northmen instead of the Argos. I hope they never call them BlueWhites:

Argos are not going to fold , far from it. I have friends of mine in Toronto that a year ago before the grey cup could have cared less about the Argos, now they love them , yes the Argos are still a hard sell but if they get off to great start, people will come.

If Toronto fans really wanta new stadium they have to show they will support good and bad.

Hog wash.

The view of the action sucks. It's draining to watch 12-man ball inside of the Rogers Centre.

I'd rather go to a small high school football game that has a running track separating the fans from the action, and the additional hassle of not being able to see over the players' heads on the sideline.

People don't go to see 12-man in the Rogers Centre because it isn't fun. Would you go to a movie theatre with a whining baby sitting in front of you being held by a mother with a huge hairdo that is blocking your view of the action?

You must build/refine a suitable facility FIRST before you can't expect sustain support.

With-in 4 to five years I feel Rogers will in-stall grass turf for MLB; Argos will find a new home somewhere in Toronto.

And in the meantime?

If they can build an outstanding soccer field in Columbus, Ohio (Crew Stadium) and the best hockey rink in Columbus, Ohio (Nationwide Arena), with the idea fundamentally the best sight-lines were designed before breaking ground, why can't that be done in Toronto?

You can't tell me sight-lines were designed in the Rogers Centre BEFORE the ground was broken. Those decorative tarps that cover the seats for football is a dead giveaway the project manager screwed things up from the start.

Just saw off the record very well done Khalif Mitchell & Chad Kackert playing the piano,

hope toronto gets an excellent crowed for friday night.

talked with a ticket rep on the phone this morning and he was surprised how packed it was
I think there may be close to 27,000 fans for the opener, just look at the ticket master most seats are already taken

Holy cow, how about you support the Argonauts? Your suggested name is bland and forgettable, not to mention a ridiculous idea.

Wow, just wow.

If Regina was fortunate enough to have a Rogers Centre, it would be packed. I'm sorry to say it, but you're a terrible "fan". Suck it up and support the Argonauts, sheesh. Maybe if the team can get some actual deserved support there can be a plan in place to get their own stadium. But not with horrible attitudes like from this so called "fan".

Go Argonauts, and Go Riders!

For years Miami Marlins fans said attendance was bad because the stadium was awful so they got a new park first couple games they sold out but then the bad attendance started up again now there last in attendance avg 17,000.

Loria also had a fire sale which didn't help the attendance.

Argos aren't going anywhere. If MLSE steps in, like some chatter we've been hearing in the media recently the past week or so, I'm sure they will develop some sort of plan to make them viable once again.