Toronto NFL Paid Attendance.........roughly 30 thousand????

Iteresting to note that there were slightly more 30 thousand who actually forked out way too much $ for the game last night…Find it interesting that we don’t hear more about how the ROGERS group had to basically give away in excess of 17000 tiks just make the stadium seem close to that of a sell-out…

In Steve Milton’s column (Ham. Spec) he also points out how the scalpers were taking a beating in almost giving away their tiks as well!!! What a great success story by Rogers and the boys…

Also, I seem to recall how there was a previous pre-season game at Skydome some 3-5 years ago with Favreeee and company which ALSO drew a little more than 30 grand…Ya. lots of increased interest in the GTA FOR SURE…Right!!!

Gooodreeefryyy and company need to give this pipe-dream of theirs a break and accept the fact that the Argos and the CFL is here to Stay and is only getting stronger thanks to their foolish efforts!!!


This topic has become an obsession. Wait until the regular season game.

Sure Tecmo, I agree it’ll be a lot more intense. But look at the price of what people are going to pay for this game vs what they’ll get out of it versus a CFL game in their hometown. I’d be embarrased to walk around and tell anyone I paid over $100 for an NFL game, it’s too slow. I like watching it on TV, don’t get me wrong but it sure isn’t worth any more than any seat at a CFL game for me. If you’re paying double and more, you’re just plain getting ripped off I think.

17,000 give-aways? Do you have a source or link to that figure?

Steve Milton's article did have another interesting slant. A Bills team staying in Buffalo and playing the odd game in Toronto would help define Toronto as Buffalo's market and thereby prevent another franchise from moving there

i have said this since the skydome,rogers centre opened waaay back then people said ooo it will just be a matter of time before the nfl is here. right did'nt happen then ain't happening now they have a five year contract to play one game a year for five years.that means the bills are not showing up for at least five years,in that time the bills will be kept in fire3 city do not forget that the nfl commish is from western new york,maybe he would have an intrest in keeping the bills there or possibly owning them after his gig as commish is up

The Rogers Centre is not nearly large enough for the NFL and multipurpose stadiums are quickly being demolished. Any team going to Toronto would be out of their mind

Probably true brett..........but that shouldn't make any of us complacent. I can name lots and lots of major league sports teams' owners who would likely qualify as being "out of their mind."

From Steve Milton in the Hamilton Spectator today:

"The CFL probably doesn't need this advice, but we'll provide it anyway. Do not let down your guard one iota just because the Rogers-Tanenbaum consortium suffered an indignity - bordering on humiliation - on the first of the eight Bills-in-Toronto games. These guys are going to empty the cannons for the December game, and bet your bottom dollar that next year's regular-season match is not after Grey Cup day. But, it's okay to grin for a few days."

Stevie, they can empty the cannons all they want, I'm not going to any of the games. But I get your point and agree that Rogers-Tanenbaum are going to pull out all the stops to get the RC filled for the regular season games at full prices to avoid any embarrasment. It'll be interesting to see how this happens, one thing I might do is go to a free concert have to admit in T.O. if they bring in some people I want to see. PS. Wife and me will go see Rush, The Trews, David Usher, Matt Good, Hip, Ill Scarlett, Metric, Sam Roberts, Great Big Sea, Matt Mays etc. (too many great bands out there to mention) in a second even if it's all for an NFL game - but I'll be wearing my TiCats jersey of course unless Ted and Larry bring out the censorship police even for a concert! :wink:

Interesting comment from a Bills message board from an American Bills fan:

"Geargo, you seem to be a little pro cfl and thats ok. I agree with you on your comments. But are you an NFL fan? I think its sick that you canadians dont embrace your game and you seem to want to covet our precious Bills. Come down to the Ralph if you want an NFL fix don't try and steal our team. You have a great football team in the Argos. Come on they won 3 times in the 90s and again in 2004. You guys dont apprecitate what you have. I know a ton of bills fans that would give thier left nut just to have at lease one championship. You have had 4 in the past 18 years. The CFL is a great game. Love it or leave it. But I think you are bunch of chumps for not embracing it."