Toronto @ Montreal

Here's hoping Troy Smith gets yanked early so we can actually have a game. :stuck_out_tongue:

How sad is it that a 1-4 team is playing a 1-3 team for 1st place in the least...I mean east. :wink:

And to make it even better, we get Rod Black.

And once again Rowdy Roddy show his complete lack of knowledge. Toronto is tied for last with...HAMILTON. What a moron.

I'll watch with the Sirius broadcast or just put some tunes on.

Oh oh, another slow start, with the D on the field way too long.

That is one tough official. :o

They yanked Troy Smith already? :lol:

Does anyone else find it ironic that Higgins keeps losing his challenges? :lol:

And the brutal games continue. I'm sure this is great for people that love defence and penalties.

Time for the Leafs to change goalies. .....

Oh - not a hockey score? Never mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Habs up 5 - 3 ,Lafleur with 3 goals, Robinson and Cournoyer with singles............... Keon, Sittler and Rocky Saganiuk have replied for the Leafs ! :wink:

Given some of the reviews that have been allowed this season, it borders on suspicious/vindictive.

Put Bower in!

Nice to see Alex Brink at the controls.

Why o why would you put in Tanner Marsh on 3rd and short when AB was money on short yardage in his time in Winnipeg? SMH. That was the worst 3rd down play in recent memory. All that was missing was a missed snap or fumble.

I think I'll go watch some paint dry...

well, at least Ray is starting to throw the ball, he's spent a lot of this first half trying to lob balls into receivers.

Blooper of the night: Ray sacking himself. Did that really just happen...?

Luckily for Toronto, Montreal is brutal. The Argos will get their second win but don't particularly deserve it.

They should just bring the Grey Cup to the West final and save everyone the bother of having to pretend the East has a chance.

Montreal makes the worst teams in the league look good, its going to be a long season for the Als hope the fans don't lose faith and stay away.

After the first six weeks, it's pretty hard to argue with this.

That said, I think Montreal should stick with Brink. He may not have lit it up tonight, but I'd say his CFL experience puts him ahead of the awful Troy Smith.