Who is doing the commentary here? Matt something?

I'm a sports fan and I get TSN 2; just in case of whatever happens...anyways the Als are driving from the opening kick off - first and ten at the Argo 28 yard line.
Result; FG 3-0 Montreal leads

...have to agree MJ.....tsn is not doing CFL fans any favours....Cripes rerun that olympic junk in the late news....just b.s. :thdn:

And hey, now they're repeating the opening ceremonies on TSN2. In case you missed it! :lol:

Matt Devlin, play-by-play guy for the Raptors. He seems to be doing a decent job so far.

Jeeesus! Gotta be kidding me. :lol:

as they will the game, for those that just have to see the first kickoff and first two plays.

Completed pass; play stands as called after review ....Chad Owens TD from Ray on the next play - 7-3 Toronto

Quick TD for Toronto. We got us an interesting quarter so far.

.....who is doing this game Blacks cousin....and what great camera work....have we been relegated behind poker champs and tiddlywinks :oops:

AC answers with a TD of his own. We got us a barn burner! :smiley:

Two TDs for Ray tonight. 14-10. I remember when he used to play for Edmonton...

...yes, I seem to recall he was traded or something? I'm probably remembering this wrong

What the hell was that? How did they think the play was still going? :lol: Random...

LOL Turns out Owens never went down. I just saw him toss the ball to the ref and assumed the play was over. What an idiot.

Grant Shaw and Austin Pasztor....remember now :stuck_out_tongue:


Those were the days.

Toronto leads 20-13 at the half - Toronto pickoff in the endzone ends the Als drive.

That interception was a beauty.

Someone in the stands should tell Harper to go home. :smiley:

Anyone else surprised to see Shea Emery though a low cheap hit? I can't believe it from such a well respected and clean player.

Hey, I got all the way through without laughing. :lol: