O.K. , who is going to win ? :twisted: :wink:

Als will prevail but it will be a close one.
Playing at home, first time in for Milanovich as the Argos HC. Als will have a little extra incentive (or so we hope!)

Argos win . A.C. , is not 100%

The ARGOS are due to beat Montreal and they can if they put a full game together for the first time this season.

I picked Montreal to win; field position will be important/key for the Argos and Ray to put up points. On the other hand; the Als O-Line will be better for Calvillo to do what he does best....finds a way.

Montreal D is pretty bad, I'm going with the Argos. Don't tell my wife!

Game appears to be on TSN2 right now.

Which is ridiculous. . . there are like a zillion channels showing that olympic nonsense. . . why do they have to duplicate it on the main TSN channel ??

My thoughts exactly. Put that crap on TSN2.

I just tuned in. Did Milt make his pick for tonight's game yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

That's actually what my channel guide says they were going to do, but they didn't. Game is on TSN2.

because as insane as it sounds, there are a lot more people in canada who want to watch the olympics than watch the cfl, and it brings in more money for tsn

however, thanks to tsn2, no worries at all, :thup:

Don't understand why the game isn't on? You can watch McCartney on 10 other channels, where's the game! Don't get TSN2 :thdn:


i expect it will swing when the opening ceremonies are over.

what the blank is with the french. england is not bilingual???

then get it.

And I can't tune in. I'm at a motel on my way home from a fishing trip. . . I can get TSN here, but not TSN2. Damn annoying. So instead of watching a CFL football game, I'm stuck with Paul McCartney singing a 70s song (and this on an allegedly "sports" network.

And thus; Speaking words of Wisdom…Let It Be :rockin: FYB :thup:

Why don't they put Paul McCartny on TSN2 (which is supposed to show the Olympics according to TV guide) and show the CFL game on TSN like it says in the TV guide? Most people in BC don't get TSN2 because its not part of sports bundle.

As MadJack just showed, it isn’t a simple matter of just getting it. My guide says the same as the others, TSN was supposed to switch at 7:30. That hasn’t happened yet. How are the ceremonies even still going on? Didn’t it start at 2 PM? That’s what CTV’s been advertising for the last two weeks.

Big deal you missed one minute and it's zero zero

They just switched to TSN.

Finally the game's on. Hopefully the CFL will get more bidders for the TV rights next time as TSN is starting to dropping the ball.