Toronto @ Montreal

We're just a little under an hour away from kickoff. The first of four meetings between Toronto and Montreal. Sadly for Toronto, they'll probably drop all four. The Argos are more competitive than people thought, but I still don't think any East team is in Montreal's league.

And after Murphy's idiotic comments, I'm sure the Als will have even more motivation to hammer the Argos. Barker might want to consider limiting Murphy's playing time tonight. :lol:

...over/under for how many times Black mentions Barker's past association with Calvillo...?

Lucky number 7

I think Montreal is going to show Toronto that they have plenty of work to do this game.


Montreal 40 Toronto 17

If I make 5 posts in a row I'm gonna start drinking... Montreal scores early, Toronto is starting to move the ball though, aided by some bad Montreal penalties.

Toronto BARELY makes it on 3rd and inches

You need an excuse to start drinking?

I still have to work tomorrow, so yes. Toronto is hanging in this game early.

Montreal's secondary is doing a nice Brandon Browner impersonation.

The als keep giving away yards with these horrible interference and illegal contact penalties how have the coaches not addressed this yet it's horrendous. It's possible to cover receivers without grabbing onto them

But it's much easier when you grab and tackle them :wink:

You can tell them all day, yell at them or even fine them but its really up to each player on each play if he will cover legally or jump on the reciever's back like a monkey before the ball is even thrown!

argos are for reel tied it up 7-7

It could still end up 40-7 for Montreal, but they don't look out of place thus far.

It's only because of Barker's past association with Calvillo.

I thought it was the talk of utilizing Cobournes talent's more.

And Montreal turns it over to end what was a pretty good drive.

They're not awful.


Just got in. 7-7. What’s the about? It’s only cause I said the Argos would get hammered in my original post. :lol:

10-7 now for the Argo's. I'm still not sold on Lemon, if he could hit some of his receivers in stride (assuming they can catch them) they'd be up 14-7.