What was with the Toronto player (didn't catch his name) shoving Cox after the TD? I know Cox was taunting Toronto a bit, but there's no need to be a poor sport.

This isn't worthy of a thread.

It's because they're running up the score. Boo Montreal! Take a knee already.

And what's with the announcers not knowing when to shut the hell up? We just missed a call because the douche had to finish his story... :expressionless:

At least Madden and that other guy (his name escapes me right now) know to shut up when the refs are talking.

Well, by all means, go start a topic that is worthy. But don't take out your anger on me because your team is losing. :stuck_out_tongue:

well duval was kicked out, along with parker for the argos.

yeah nice face mask from parker first that the ref missed before they got into the end zone...... i wanna see the missed fg again;
and i hate montreal

That was pretty crazy. You hate to see stuff like that in sports.

dartagnon -- boo montreal running the score up???? its tied with 87 secs left.....

Wow! That was one hell of an exciting finish. And here I thought this game would be boring. Wonder if the Riders/Lions game can match it.

Gonna be tough to beat!

All you rouge haters.......didn't it add to the excitement?????????

Riding a two game winning streak, you have to wonder if Montreal is finally picking up steam, or if they were just lucky to play a hurting team back-to-back.


It was sarcasm. I posted that with like 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

sorry dart i was just tired of other posts where people were complaining of running the score up;

BTW I get the impression that Toronto has decided to physically go after kickers. The announcers even said that the Toronto coaching staff has said it. If that is the case it surely backfired as good ole boy BEN CAHOON outkicked Prefontaine; turn about is fair play Toronto; you will get yours!