Toronto @ Montreal - East Final - Game On!!

Why don't the Als play all the time in the big O? Certainly help their bottom line!

True: No one wants to see the second strings when they paid good money for a ticket. But...lets not forget that those guys are paid professionals as well. And THEY would be the ones coming onto the field if anything serious were to happen to a starter. So...when we watch the second string of a team (Montreal) get man handled in the last regular season game. It leaves a little pit in my stomach to know that if they had to come in during the division final that they wouldn't be able to get the job done. They're not cardboard cut outs. They are expected (in any sport) to be able to come in and deliver a win even in the most trying of circumstances. If they can't, (and they showed as much on November 7th) Then how did they make a pro. team?

The Big O is a terrible venue for anything (sport, music, you name it). The Als certainly went under in the '90s before they moved to Molson Stadium in '97 by accident -- they were forced to play at Molson because U2 had Olympic Stadium booked for a concert (a concert I actually went to). Once in Molson Stadium, they realized it was far better-suited to attract fans -- more intimate and central. Instead of getting 2000 fans to the Big O, we started getting 20,000 at Molson Stadium.

Playing at Olympic Stadium is part of what killed attendance for the Expos. I wouldn't advocate playing more than one or two games per year at Olympic, just for moneymaking.

Radio says 58,000 for tommorow. Wow

Wow is right, as anything over 50,000 is a regular Wow.

Hopefully the Alouettes will be playing one of my favs tomorrow...

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Really? Montreal? The city that cheers every new free agent hero signed by the Habs only to boo them by Christmas? Montreal, "a true sports town" that lost their MLB franchise due mainly to poor attendance? Montreal who twice lost their CFL franchise and almost saw it dissappear a third time until a U2 concert forced a change of venue?

Yes, a true sports town it is. :lol: :lol:

Hamiltons biggest enemy last week was themselves. Five turnovers and a lacklustre effort killed them.

Montreal's biggest enemy is, and has been all season, penalties and over confidence.
Ask Hamilton much help the favourite label was. Truth is, the Argos are finding ways to win. Ugly yes, but wins non the less.

Good luck Montreal, you're going to need it because when the Argos have had it this year they have won games they should have lost.

You evidently know nothing about Montreal. Many factors contributed to the demise of the Expos. A lack of a good downtown sports venue was one of them. Another was the dismantling of the team following the strike season in which we were poised to challenge for the World Series title. A third was the pitiful state of the franchise after the strike, when the league took over ownership, reduced its payroll to $20 million, and basically turned us into the farm team for the rest of MLB.

As for the Als, we had poor ownership and some pretty terrible teams that soured Montreal fans on the CFL until we moved from Olympic Stadium (just ask the Expos how well that mausoleum worked as a permanent venue) to Molson Stadium.

:lol: :oops:

Lots of excuses, but the fact is when Montreal is not winning (Al's, Expos or Habs) the fans don't support the team.

Get lost loser. What are you going to brand next ? Blacks ? Jews ? Muslims ?

The canadiens have sold out every game since the lockout with for the most part mediocre teams each year