Toronto media putting Argos first!

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In the first year of their Toronto experiment, the Buffalo Bills aren't impacting the amount of media coverage the Toronto Argos are receiving.

While the Bills are gearing up for the start of the NFL regular season - which will include a game in Toronto - southern Ontario media outlets are not diminishing their coverage of the Argos.

"We have made an attempt to pay a lot more attention to the Argos this year," said Toronto Star sports editor Mike Simpson.

The Toronto Sun and Toronto Star are the two most important media outlets to the Argos.

Each daily newspaper has a beat writer covering the team - at home and on the road.

When the Bills began their five-year Toronto plan this summer - playing eight games during that span, including a regular-season tilt each year - there was thought the NFL would receive expanded media coverage in the Argos backyard.

With limited space and reporters in the newspaper world, expanded Bills coverage could definitely hurt the amount of stories Toronto's CFL squad receives.

But after the Bills' pre-season game against Pittsburgh failed to attract a sell-out crowd at Rogers Centre this month - garnering an announced attendance of 48,434, about 5,000 below capacity - the Bills bandwagon isn't full of reporters.

"After a luke-warm reception for the pre-season game ... no expanded (Bills) coverage (this year)," said Toronto Sun sports editor Dave Fuller.

"(It's) status quo, just like last year. The Argos are going to get a bigger billing (than the Bills)."

Fuller admits he will likely have a reporter at most Bills home games in Buffalo this fall.

The Toronto Star doesn't seem to be at that point right now.

"We will certainly go to the home opener," said Simpson.

"We will cover (the Bills) a little more. (But) in this market, people are very interested in the Argos and expect us to cover that team first."

Thanks dg for this article.

Look, the NFL does deserve the coverage that is given to the other major leagues out there NHL, NBA, MLB (MLS, NLL?) although I can fully see why the leagues with Toronto having a team would get more coverage than in a league where Toronto doesn't have a team, like the NFL. But the Argos and CFL are unique, in a separate category, not what US media nor some Canadian folk would regard as "major league" but a league that has been around a very long time, great TV numbers, Canadian for a large part, and playing for this trophy called the Grey Cup, the highest Canadian iconic trophy of pro sports out there (sorry, Stanley Cup isn't that, it's 'only' for the best pro hockey team in the world, or North America at least, not a Canadian iconic symbol any more since we more or less gave it to the Americans letting them with so many more teams than Canadian teams - mistake). So it's great to see that the Toronto media is paying attention to the Argos still, which they should, they are the team with the honour of being able to win Earl Grey's mug, not the Bills even if the Bills play for the world championship Super Bowl with the much more ballyhooed media coverage and money.

EArl. You're making the same mistake the Toronto media was. Talking about "major league sports" deserving space.

Problem is this baseball, NBA and NFL aren't our leagues. They're 100% American. They're leagues by Americans, played by Americans for Americans.

Why people up here think we have to cover THEIR sports, when they have absolutely nothing to do with us. When the Americans could care less what we think about them. And when interest in them, especially baseball and the NBA, is marginal at best?

If you ask me the CFL and NHL should always dominate the headlines. BEcause people care. These American sports should be on the backpages. Because they don't concern us. YOu know. Like the same way the Ameriacan media ignores hockey.

Whoever was the first media person who declared that sports from a foreign country should be given priority coverage in CAnada over CAnadain sports should be shot.

And what I have been preaching is coming to fruition. Not sure if you remember, but I wrote several times to bring on the NFL. That this media contrived monster would be nothing but a ten pound weakling. And that after this has been proven, it was clear sailing ahead for the cFL.

And its happening. The NFL has come, and has proven to be just another American niche sport. The Star taking notice is the first of many positive effects to come out of this. Chicken Little has left the building.

I see what you're saying berezin and you're right, to a degree. But remember, the media both leads and follows the information world. It's a sort of they have a responsibility to "make the news" and therefore "make the culture" but also what they think people want to read regardless of "the culture" or whatever. So in a city like Toronto that is probably about as American in culture as you'll find in Canada and with citizens, many, who are the same way, they have to cater to this somewhat. It's a balancing act in Toronto, the larger the Canadian city maybe the more the balancing act with leading and following, leading with promoting who we are "Canadian culture" and following what they want "perceived masses of people" and what they want to read. Interesting though isn't it? What is the responsibiltiy of the media?

Make no mistake, the media coverage will amp up when it comes time to cover the regular season game, I liken the exhibition game to going to a restaurant, they serve you chicken, but because the chicken is popular in their other restaurant they charge you steak prices, now when it comes time for the "steak" game there will be more interest and thus more media coverage.

That should be the media marker, not some lousy exhibition game, this is not over by a long shot unfortunately.

Don't call me negative or looking a gift horse in the mouth, but that's a bunch of crap from the Toronto Star sports Editor.
I have emailed the guy on a couple of times and especially after the last incident where there was no game day coverage in his paper(see my posting).
I think berezin also did the same.
So for the guy to say hey we are doing all this, that is a lie.

So did I argotom. I agree, it's a lie. Hey, me personally, I think the Toronto Star editor doesn't like the CFL. And frankly, that's his choice from a personal standpoint. Ther are things I don't like as well. But he has to put on a different professional work hat in his position and at times we've noticed as you have pointed out, he doesn't wear it at work. How he got in that position, well, hmmmm. How some people get in the positions they are, again hmmmmmm.

But I'd rather a guy lie really who is in a position like this and do the right thing, well, at least for us guys. Like a doctor or lawyer, the guy might not care two flyin shiiites about me but at least be cordial if I'm giving you my business, that's all I ask for even if it's fake. We all do this in our lives to some point although there is a point when we just can't and have to walk away or avoid a situation otherwise all heck just could break loose. That's a different situation though.

I don't get the notion that Toronto is supposedly blase about NFL exhibition games?
Like, its not like the NFL plays every week in Toronto. YOu'd figure the novelty factor alone would have sold the place out.

If you ask me, interest for the regular season game is already waning. Tickets are available, and I don't sense any great excitement.

Why Ted Rogers thinks he could sell the Buffalo Bills in Toronto is beyond me? The only non Toronto team that could cause a stir playing home games in Toronto would be the MOntreal CAnadiens.

Outside of that, nobody s going to cross the street to watch other cities from baseball or basketball or the NFL playing a home game in Toronto.

I know the Bills chose Toronto because of the number of NFL fans in Canada that go to Bills home games, but are the Bills the right team to bring to Rogers Centre? The only other teams that I can think of close to Toronto are the Browns(Cleveland),and the Lions(Detroit). They aren't exactly the cream of the NFL crop either. If the NFL in Toronto had any shot of being successful, they needed to bring in a consistent winning franchise--because IMO, that what the Toronto fans crave, a contender. The Argos may have a good team every so often, but the Leafs, Craptors, Jays and even Toronto FC are not giving the fans what they really want-- a championship team, or a contender at the very least.

PS- its good to see that the Argos are getting great coverage, but once the Leafs start training camp, I have a feeling that they will be pushed to the back pages again.

Toronto fans aren't stupid. They know that a worthless pre-season game is, well, worthless! Why spend playoff prices to watch two teams with 80-man rosters and bunches of players nobody will remember? The quality of play, though apparently not too bad for this game, usually blows in pre-season.

The season game will likely be much more popular. The CFL season will be over so why not? It'll keep football alive in peoples' minds for a while longer.

By spring, thoughts of a Bills game in December will be long gone and anticipation of CFL training camps will begin.

The game will get lots of coverage because it will be the only football game in town at that time of year.