Toronto Media Hypocrisy

Heres the scenario,

Canada sends its best to the USA, after a short period of time, its a MASSIVE failure.

Yet, because it was the Toronto Media, Jay & Dan, attempting to "make it" in America, then failing miserably and getting fired. These 2 failed media folks are being championed, and are retreating back to Toronto media hailed as hero's? WOW.

When the CFL did the same, it has been labeled as minor league in the Toronto media ever since.

Jay & Dan are now minor league? Maybe they should get that anti CFL idiot Jennifer Hedger as their 3rd wheel.

The double standard annoys the heck out of me.

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Would be nice if you could explain what you are talking about?
Canada sends its best to the USA? which sport?
and who is Jan and Dan?
I assume this is a local Toronto media story?

Am I missing something here? is it just me?

Jay and Dan are broadcaster s for TSN. Never liked their act myself so calling them the best is simply an opinion. Not really sure that using this comparison matters.

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Didn't surprise me they didn't make it down there, their act was sort of corny albeit they are ok I would say. Sort of a Bob and Doug McKenzie schtick, sort of, along those lines.

And yes, what were they the best at?

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I was thrilled when they went to the US because it meant their moronic ramblings weren’t on TSN anymore. They should have stayed in the states. Someone told Onrait he was funny and sadly he believed them.

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Personally, I love Jay and Dan. But I can totally see how they're not for everyone.

Regardless, obviously TSN is going to promote them heavily. They hired them. Not sure what the issue is here.

Jennifer Hedger? can you show me examples of how she's Anti CFL?

Some view this as her being out of default anti-CFL but I don’t necessarily think this is the case as we know certain sorts in Toronto have been able to brainwash people that the CFL isn’t worth the time of day since it’s not one of the truly major NA pro sports leagues.

Jan and Dan are hilarious, didn’t “fail miserably”. I have no idea what the rest of the nonsense by the OP is about.

I understand exactly what the poster is talking about. Perhaps it’s a Toronto media thing and if you’re not from T.O then you don’t understand how bad and hostile a lot of the Toronto media is towards the CFL/Argos. T.O media types are always calling the CFL minor league or NFL rejects, most have little

Understanding on how football player are selected to make roster or even how you need different types of players then the NFL at certain positions in the CFL. However when you turn the tables on these T.O media members and simply say, by using their own logic, THEY must be minor league reporters because

If they were any good they would be working down in the US, these T.O media types go ballistic on you

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While I get the idea of what he is saying. Fact is Jay and Dan are a horrible act. So trying to call them heros is well an opinion and nothing more. Those that enjoy them are of course entitled to think of them as they wish

They didn't succeed since they are coming back, but a little bit of hyperbole to say they failed when their show lasted 4 years. OP is a little over the top on this.

Clearly we have different tastes because I don't find either funny and Onrait is just plain irritating. Can't understand how he ever got a job on screen.

To each his own.

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My point was simply that after the CFL expansion into the USfailed. The Toronto media has portrayed the CFL as minor league.

So when Jay & Dan Failed, they are now minor league journalists.

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Toronto media who portray the cfl as fail don't do so because of failed usa expansion. Their reasons go far beyond that. Obviously I don't agree with that opinion, but to each their own. Much like Jay and Dan are fail because of their horrible act, not because they failed in usa

I couldn't stand them when they were last on air in Canada and couldn't change the channel fast enough if they appeared on my screen.

Their schtick is completely idiotic and beyond stupid.

They try to be funny and maybe if they actually were perhaps it wouldn't be so grating on the nerves. As it is they aren't in the least.....

Agree although since they are Canadian I have a real tendency to not crap on them too much, but they need to move on from that schtick no question. Doesn't work any more. Toast along with Cherry but somehow Cherry lives on as some sort of Canadian thug icon at least in the hockey world. I honestly can't figure that one out but it, er he, is what it is.

Fired? Perhaps, but ESPN isn't exactly winning ratings wars down here. Does anybody even watch "Sportscenter" any more, regardless of who's hosting?

I'd say they were more the victims of a fragmented market than lack of interest; it's hard to dislike a pair when you don't even know they exist. Besides, nobody, except the people actually in the room at the time, know what what their deal was and for how long. Calling it a failure is nothing less than presumptuous.

Never cared for these guys.

When I turn on TSN Sports Desk, I just need to see the sports reported.

If I want comedy, I will watch Seinfeld reruns.

BTW, Dan and Jay are not funny. Just annoying.

Stick to the sports guys. Leave the lame jokes to the pros.

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Or go on SNL Canadian type version, I do think they would be fantastic there. But not on a sports news cast.

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These two are clowns, not serious sportscasters and definitely US wannabes.

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