Toronto Media Embarassing Themselves

The fawning and glossing over of any negatives by the Toronto media over this NFL game is downright embarassing, and makes them look like bought and paid for shills.
I mean the Rogers people have been exposed as major league fibbers.
Announcing the game sold out when there's tons of seats available.
But the way the media in that city is in line with Rogers lke good little boys is a joke.
They don't question anything a guy like Phil Lind says, when everything he's said has been a lie.
Too bad they can't support the CFL with such blind faith.
Guess thats the "Toronto" way.
Suck up to the Americans

If you watched "the Reporters" on TSN this morning, the panelists were less than kind about this fiasco. They did not pull any punches when it came to this game, it has disaster written all over it. Seems to me you are just looking for an excuse to bash the Toronto media. It is not surprising, but at least you don't have worry about the NFL taking over Canada and killing the CFL, Mr. Chicken Little... :lol: :lol: :lol:

REad Tranna papers.
Then you’ll see a different story.
Then again seeing as how you continually misconstrue my point about Chicken Little,
i can see how you don’t undertand this thread as well.

You are the only one who cries wolf at the Toronto media, hardly anyone else around here does. Maybe if you tried to talk football, about what happens ON THE FIELD, then one could cut you some slack. You are delusional if you believe that everyone here cares what the Toronto media writes. I know I don't-- because it seems they can't write about any kind of team that is winning right now... the Argos, Craptors and Leafs all suck right now- so they turn their attention to something else.

Then the title of your thread was misleading, wasn't it?

You attack the "Toronto MEDIA", and when called on it backtrack to make it look like you're only attacking Toronto NEWSPAPERS".

There is a difference.

Hey Berrizen.... I'm really interested at what scalpers will begetting for these tickets.... Since it sounds like the media will probablly not report it...Would it be too much to ask you to head down to skydome and find out.... Hell if you can get a ticket with a face value of 575 for 30 bucks you can even go to the game and unfurl some sign like....
Chance to see history in $570 seats...30 bucks
2 beers and a hotdog .....25 bucks
Watching first hand the Bills in Toronto flop.....priceless.

I don't read them a lot, granted, but I haven't really seen them pronounce this a huge success. Some might have predicted that when the whole thing was first announced but I don't see them pretending like it's the case now.

It'll be interestng to see the morning after stuff.

You know, I don't mind people saying they're for or against this "Bills in Toronto" series. They're free to voice their disapproval or their support for the games. It's their choice to believe and state as such. Personally, I made my choice when I vowed to switch team allegiances from the Argos to the Ti-Cats because of a notion that the Argos were "sleeping with the enemy", per se. However, I can't help to notice the constant tone of berezin's anti-NFL posts.

Have you ever noticed the majority of his posts are about voicing his displeasure of the series? Yes, we know the Bills are here for 6 more games over the next 4 years. The deal's been done and we have to live with it. And yes, the organizers pretty much shot themselves in the foot by overpaying for the series and have feebly attempted to recoup the costs by pricing the tickets well above the means of the normal fan. That was the consortium of Tannenbaum and the late Rogers' mistake. But no matter all of the facts, berezin will continue to put his anti-NFL spin on the whole matter.

Now, he may bang his drum over all of this sentiment, and that's his pergoative. However, I can't help but notice the continuous nature and tone of his posts border along the lines of hate crime propaganda. Don't get me wrong; do I want the NFL setting up shop here in Canada? Hell no. I love the CFL and believe it has a storied history that must be preserved and continued for today and many years to come. However, with berezin continuously bringing the matter up, he's just adding more fuel to the NFL bandwagon; thus, possible creating more interest in the game to the neighbours to the south. It's a backwards type of propaganda that might lead to the eventual demise of our game that's been around for over a century.

All I'm saying is don't buy to any of the hype of this series. It is for what it is; nothing more, nothing less. We can all start the perceived worrying come 2012 when the current deal expires.

That's what makes the world go round.

golden blin. :thup:

I don't think you will have to worry about 2012, because I don't think there will be games up until then!!! My guess the bean counters at Rogers will try to negotiate to get out of this deal. If they can't come close to selling out in the first year against a division rival with play-off implications, what do you think of the odds of selling out in year 3 or 4???? To me the odds are slim to none and slim is walking out the door!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :smiley:

RE-sambo42- Steve Simmons has tamed his anti cfl bashing commentary but others in T.O,s Media have taken his place, there was a time before cfl Internet sites .there was only one writer in T.O. who wrote positive articles about the cfl , that was Jim Hunt Rogers Controls a huge media block pushing propaganda promoting this B.S nfl game featuring Ricky Williams. :thdn:

What I don't understand is if Berezin hates the Toronto papers so much, then why does he read them? I know if I read something and don't like it, I don't go back and read more. Let the hacks in Toronto write what they want to. We don't need weekly reports about how this guy wrote that and this guy wrote this, etc. Find another newspaper to read. There are hundreds in this country, and with the Internet, you have them all at your finger tips.

Wow! Look at all those empty seats

Very well said, Chief. It amazes me how people in Toronto seem to think that the rest of us care what they think about the Bills playing the the Skydome. As said the game is not a sellout, and the NFL may be looking for a way out of this mess. I guess you can chalk this one up to "it seemed like a good idea at the time..." :roll: :roll:

We must remember that Globe & Mail's Brunt, Naylor and others, work for the same company which owns CTV, who televises the NFL in Canada. They have a vested interest in promoting the Bills/NFL and the Toronto Star group just bought 25% of CTVGlobe media. So they will have a vested interest also. Many other newspapers, radio stations, TV stations (CITY, RSN) across Canada are also controlled to this CTV/Rogers NFL machine. We have also seen how the Toronto Star will use dirty tricks to rig their "public opinion" polls to boost the NFL's popularity in Canada higher than it really is. The NFL in Toronto also means big money opportunities for some media personalities, with the team needing PR and Media Directors, paid fat six-figure salaries with free tickets to the SB.

Oh man, CFL games especially broadcast from places like Regina and the melonheads make the NFL production in Toronto today look like boreseville bigtime. Yikes.

I look forward to reading and hearing the reviews of this fiasco.
How will our friends, Brunt, Naylor, Simmons etc turn this dog breakfast into steak?
Here is one of the first articles out of the gate from Canadian Press. No mention of a boring game, but interestingly it deals with a non sellout and many seats being empty. ... s_toronto/

Argotom, your link wasn't working, I think this is the correct link.

You have to remember that this deal was made by their competitor. If it was a success I don't think you would here a peep out of them because they probably would be regretting not making this deal themselves.

I do agree with them though that it was a complete disaster and i think we can safely say that the NFL isn't coming this side of the border in the foreseeable future.