Toronto Media apathy is shameful

apart from the Toronto Sun, the other 3 major Toronto newspapers/media sites (namely the Star, Globe & Mail and National Post) did not cover the Argos thrilling comeback victory over the Lions this past Friday while other major news sites across the country did. (from Halifax to Vancouver)

No mention of the game. Not even an outside agency wired/pasted article. NADA.

A hometown 1st place pro team that is playing dynamic exciting football (with a backup QB to boot!) and they cannot post at least a measly blurb on the game?

it is shameful.

This is as close that the Star gets to football coverage:

[url=] ... umbus.html[/url]

This is the last CFL article in the Post - a story about Michael Sam

The Toronto Globe and Mail - no coverage but maybe because the game was a late game on Friday, it's only Sunday...... :roll:

While I don't go to newspapers anymore as my source of information, the lack of coverage of the CFL in Toronto is indeed shameful.

But then, as you pointed out, the Argos are in first place and playing in exciting games.
That doesn't work here in the "Centre of the Universe".
Toronto seems to prefer its losing teams only. :? :roll:

Hmm. Funny I read about the Argos victory on The Stars website while having my coffee yesterday morning.

  • [url=] ... lions.html[/url]

Until the Pan Ams are over which every Toronto paper has their ENTIRE staff covering (news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle reporters) and the Argos play a game in Southern Ontario - they were going to be up against it to get coverage. Even this week's Canadian Open has had much less coverage than other years until this morning now that we have a Canadian in the lead going into the last round. Other years there would be multiple pages of stories after every round in each paper whenever the Open was being held in the Toronto area.

There have literally been hundreds of Pan Am stories - leaving nobody to cover the Argos the last 2.5 weeks. And speaking of Pan Am coverage - now that it is winding down - many of the lead stories today in the Toronto media are all about an Olymppic bid for 2024 with COC head Marcel Aubut throwing his support behind that idea.

And you know what that will eventually lead to - NFL Stadium talk.

The Toronto Sun has always had great Argonauts coverage. The Star has picked it up a bit in the past few months.

What really disappoints me is the lack of coverage and Argonauts talk on TSN1050. It's a TSN station and I hear more Argonauts & CFL talk on the FAN590 which is a Rogers station. TSN1050 broadcasts the games and has the Argonauts All Access show on late once a week during the season. Their Football Fridays don't start until the NFL season starts and there is barely any CFL talk.

I've Emailed and Tweeted them about this and it sounds like it's a radio station management directive.

TPB, that Star article must be buried as I checked both the main "Sports" page and the "Football" section last night and this morning and it is nowhere to be found:

either way, if "every Toronto paper has their ENTIRE staff" covering the Pan Am Games, then how did the Toronto Sun post an article on the Argos win immediately after the game at 1:00AM?

and why did the other Toronto newspapers not just license/post an article from a news wire service instead (e.g. Canadian Press etc) like the Hamilton Spec and numerous other publications/sites across the country did?

[url=] ... ons-30-27/[/url]

and why did these same Toronto news media outlets still report on other sports stories (aside from the Pan Ams) and not the Argos game?

there is NO excuse.

Well - 'eventually' didn't take too long. The idea of an 80,000 seat NFL stadium was just mentioned on TSN's The Reporters when discussing the likelihood of a Toronto 2024 bid.. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a lot of it has to do with Rogers and their control on the media there and how Rogers is scared poopless that a non-Rogers entity with the history of the Argos would ever get press coverage compared with their Blue Jays. I honestly think Rogers is very afraid of the CFL and they have the means to control a fair chunk of the media in Toronto. And of course with Bell and LT as new owners of the Argos, Rogers will try and have the media they control or even remotely control bury the Argos and CFL as much as possible.

Nothing new, same old same old but as I say with Bell co-owning the Argos, the escalation on burying the Argos by Rogers and what Rogers can do is going to escalate and probably has already started to escalate.

Will be interesting if Toronto goes for the Olympics again.

Not sure "apathy" is the right word...more likely a intentional decision to bury the Argos and CFL and hopefully destroy the league. It is no secret that Rogers hates the CFL and wants the league to fail, for whatever reason. Rogers yields much power over the "national" media in Toronto. They could use their influence to deny a reporters access to the Leafs if they don't play ball with Rogers, for example.

The Star, Canada's largest circulation newspaper, did ramp up their Argos coverage somewhat in the off-season with Curtis Rush's reporting. But as we have seen in the past, this will not be long-lasting with Rush soon be sent packing. The Globe's coverage of the CFL is very inconsistent. Sometimes they will reprint a national CFL wire story but more often they'll ignore the league for a few weeks. All these outlets give the BJ's tremendous coverage. The National Post with publisher Paul Godfrey is probably the saddest case. They have some of the best CFL writers in Canada as part of their newspaper chain. They merely have to reprint those stories in their national newspaper but choose not to.

I see the shunning of the CFL as a concerted effort by the Toronto media to bury the CFL and have them fail. We can argue the CFL is the 2nd most popular league in Canada and so on...but those pleas will fall on deaf ears. They just refuse to report on the CFL with any consistency regardless if the coverage will draw readers or not. There are bigger things in play, namely the hatred of the CFL by Rogers, Godfrey and other powerful figures in the national media. :thdn:

The media coverage outside of TSN on the CFL or Argo's in the Toronto market is appauling to say the least. The Sun does a pretty good job and one of the best in the area given the page spreads on the Argo's especially at the start of the year and written columns during the season but No doubt when the Argo's play good it should be reported.

The new ownership group for the Argo's of Tannanbaum and Bell is great because it's local ownership very important in the CFL for not just the Argo's but any team to have and the CFL is blessed with good owners like Bob Young in Hamilton or Hunt in Ottawa or Calgary, BC whatever.

The added part of the Argo's and the new stadium deal with BMO next year will help but I'm sure like TravelPat mentioned if Toronto does get the Olympics in T.O. in 2024 a new 80,000 seat sport stadium may be the future home go the Argo's in nine years time and or an NFL team?

The Argo's look great as a team this year especially after only 4 games or so in July and leading the East. Trevor Harris is playing great and many new players are stepping up and making plays that allow the team to win. I always like Scott Milanovich as a head coach I think he's one of the best in the CFL and Jim Barker as GM are getting good players on the Argo's team.

Now if the media climbs on board once the Pan Am Games are over and starts reporting on the Argo's maybe that will give the team the recognition it deserves.

GO CFL GO!!!!!

I'll never forget last season when the Argos were battling for a playoff spot in October and TSN1050 radio broadcast a Maple Leafs PRE-SEASON game instead of an Argos regular season game.
That spoke volumes to me about where the CFL ranks in Toronto.

I agree it's shameful. The Argo's have a great team, new ownership all is positive, maybe it's time to hire a new PR Firm or get Pinball on the case as director of PR he would make sure the Toronto Argo brand was solid not only in T.O. but anywhere!!

It really is pretty bad. The star decided that their Argo beat writer, Curtis Rush, would serve them better covering badminton in the Pam Scam games.

The Sun, though having good quantity in coverage, really lacks quality. Frank Zicarelli might be a good guy, but his knowledge is really lacking. His articles basically paraphrase from the media scrums that are shown on the Argos website, but he writes them as if they are his own observations, which to me is laughable. I go to the occasional practice, and Frank is barely observing.

Toronto CFL fans really need a Drew Edwards type covering the team.

I've learned to accept that. At least the Argos game gets played on 1010, which actually has a stronger signal than 1050 in such a case. 590 bumps the Blue Jays for the leafs as well.

Aubut and Toronto putting an Olympic bid together. They might get it if Toronto is the only city putting in a bid.

So far five cities are bidding: Boston; Budapest, Hungary; Hamburg, Germany; Paris; Rome.
Good luck with that.

Look at the problems they have had in London in trying to get one of the London teams to take over that 80k Olympic stadium. None of the clubs could figure out how to get seats close to the field and seats right behind the goals. The fans are just too far away from the field, way behind that track. It would be bad enough with a CFL field but a shorter narrower NFL field?? they are building NFL specific stadiums an Olympic stadium in Toronto would be useless.

As for the Toronto media, I get my CFL news on line and mostly on TSN or At least the Ottawa papers the Sun and the Citizen on-line have pretty good CFL coverage.

I travel to Toronto quite a lot for work and am always amazed at how much Blue Jays/baseball talk fills the airwaves. I ‘get’ that there’s a team there and not so surprised about FAN590 as it’s a Rogers station, but TSN1050 talks A LOT of baseball too. It seems like I can flip from one station to the next with an 80% probability one (or both) are talking baseball. It would be nice if the CFL got at least a bit of love.

Do you know for a fact that Rush is being re-assigned/leaving? I know that the Star has had him covering the Pan Ams instead but I have been assuming that he would be back covering the Argos once the Pam Ams were over.


It's lacking for sure but I think it will get more attention once Bell/Tananbaum take over next year. Rogers will give very little coverage so that's not unexpected.

The CFL and the Jays for that matter took a back seat to the Pan Am Games the past 2 weeks so both will be in the spotlight more now.

Not too concerned overall.