Toronto Mayor re we go again.

From today's Toronto Sun:

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Ford seems to think a 75 thousand seat stadium for an NFL team can be built near Downsview with private money. He and his brother will be lobbying to get a team for Toronto this weekend when they head down south for the divisional finals.
680 news ran an audio clip this morning from some moron who says he can't wait for the NFL to open up shop in Toronto because it's "a much more exciting game." Obviously he doesn't get out much.
I hope Commissioner Roger Goodell tells Ford to shove it and explains there are other US cities in line before Toronto.
What concerns me is that all this kind of talk will de-value the Blue team and Tiger-Cat franchises. No wonder we are seeing councillors who couldn't care less about the Tiger-Cats.
The Mayor of Toronto needs to support his own city's CFL team before he starts being dazzled by the glitzy NFL.

Since the Bills are already playing games in Toronto I think there is a team available and there isn't much the NFL could do to block it if Ralf Wilson makes the move and sells the team after the move is complete. I'm not sure it has a big impact on the CFL as the NFL is already THE league in Hogtown


Dissapointing. was hopeing Ford was a CFL supporter.

Just getting over the Hamiton /Ticats stadium mess

and now this

Who is going to spend $750 million - $1 billion to build a stadium in Toronto?! And don’t forget NFL ownership rules - private individuals only, no corporations.

Well said. How about building a new stadium for the Argos. It's too bad that couldn't have happened through this Toronto 2015 process as well.

Ford is the worst kind of conservative kook you could find.

Besides, do you really think ANYONE in the NFL wants to have to build a new stadium in Toronto when you have much more attractive markets in LA, Louisville, Portland and Las Vegas.

Conservaitve kook? just because he wants what's best for Toronto? He was recently ELECTED by the people of Toronto, who were fed up with the Left Wing ideology of high tax, bureaucracy and pandering to special interest groups.
The Toronto area is much bigger than Louisville, Portland or Vegas.
An NFL team will not affect my love of the CFL and I'm sure the fans living out west who do support the CFL in big numbers. Do you think Sask fans or Stamps or Esks fans are now going to walk away from the CFL because the centre of the universe gets an NFL team?

Don't you think the mayor is a little fed up with seeing 20,000 fans at Rogers Centre? Year after year losing mega bucks. Toronto doesn't deserve a CFL team, they can't support it and haven't for many years.
Toronto has an NBA team, MLB team, NHL team so isn't it logical for him to push for an NFL team?

Perhaps if they had a 25,000 seat stadium of their own, the experience would be more exciting. That was the capacity of Molson Stadium in Montreal before they expanded, and it was always sold out. So in reality, the Argos do pretty good. It's like the Bulldogs playing at Copps. Even when it's sold out, it seems empty. The Bulldogs solution for the upper bowl was black curtains, and the Argos was all those large posters.

I wonder how much the Arogs could buy Empire Stadium for once the Lions are finished? Seeing as though Brayley owns both teams, perhaps for relatively cheap. Just need the land. Perhaps right downtown isn't best for the Argos either seeing as though there are so many other things to do.

Not sure, but I would really like to see a better solution for the Argos. They may suck ( :smiley:), but they are important to our game. Help the Argos Mr. Leader, and then worry about your NFL dream. There is nothing stopping him, but it would be nice if they could set the Argos up so they can be competitive if Toronto get's an NFL franchise.

I'm a Bills fan and I want the Bills to stay in B'lo.Nuff' said.

The argo's screwed themselves and their fans when they didn't get together with the soccer people and get themselves an outdoor stadium that would work for both of them a few years ago.
It would have been perfect too on that site at the CNE grounds.
Instead they signed as a 15 year tenent at the crappy Skydome, which has as much atmosphere as an old folks home.
Stupid owners with no vision. I feel bad for the true CFL argonaut fan.

Back to the Bills issue though, I think it has pretty much been proven now that people in Toronto aren't interested in paying NFL prices to see football, and I'm sure the NFL has noted that.
I think any further talk about the NFL coming here is just wishful thinking on the part of a couple of Toronto's well known blow-hards.

I am a Pats fan, but I do like the Bills and the City of Buffalo (my extended family grew up down there), and I will support both to do my little part to keep a healthy Bills organization in Buffalo.

Love that vid link in your signature by the way. I actualy stumbled upon it while looking for 1 min, funny CFL bloopers. Should have put some silly 'Benny Hill' type music to it. :slight_smile:

I was happy to see that the latest installment of the 'Toronto Bills' didn't go over to well.

This is the last guy you would have thought would be fanning the flames.
I am glad how at least that NFL lover Steve Simmons sees the reality. ... 68581.html

Ditto on the Yawn

I'm NOT a Bills fan, and I want the Bills to stay in B'lo too!

So you would support the Bills staying in Toronto. But what about an expansion team in toronto? would be a great rivalry with Buffalo.
I didn't think that the Bills playing in TO was a failure, the Argos couldn't get 20,000 in the stands this year with a competitive team and a lot of cheap tickets. But the Bills played their game I think there was over 40,000 and they payed big bucks to watch a bad team.

Bring the NFL to Toronto and move the Argos somewhere where they would be appreciated.

40,000 fans for the occasional game is one thing. But the true test would be how long they could maintain a fan base before those fans lose interest.

I'm also of the belief that the Argos would fare (fair???) better in a smaller venue like Percival Molson stadium.

Let's build a new NFL/Bills stadium at WH and it could be the regional NFL team. :wink:

I can't say that I wouldn't go to a game if it was an expansion team or another team other than the Bills transported to Toronto. In principle I wouldn't and won't support the Bils in TO series, but if they got their own team, I would check out a Pats game probably.

Money is limited right? My support is and always would be sports wise, the Cats. And although I have only seen the Argos in TO once as I am not a huge dome fan in general, I would go to see them over an NFL game because I would want to be loyal to the game I love.

The CFL doesn't need the Cats or the Argos to survive, but I think every fan loves all teams and I know this from my ABNFF project, so I think any loss would hurt the league in some way. Anybody chering on the return of Ottawa or the hopes of an east coast team, knows that outside of our passion for our hometown clubs, we all route for the rest of the league to do well because it's important for the growth and health for the entire league.

If Canada could have Ottawa and the coast and even a Quebec team in play before the NFL made it's way up here, I think that could possibly bode well for our leagues future.

Council needs to know why this Pan Am project is so much more than lining some big businessman's wallet. I am hoping what I have to say will help them realize that, but if anyone has any suggestions, one word, one sentance, one paragraph, or a long story as to why the Cats and this IW plan are important please, feed my fire.

I want to wow them. For me to walk away and for what I say to somehow open their minds to the possibility, that there is much more to this than what many of them have realized all along.

They feel betrayed. How can we turn the events of the past year around, to ease the betrayal that they feel?