Toronto Maple Leafs

Now that all the other Canadian NHL teams are out, that means the Toronto Maple Leafs , are now

With the Center of the Universe taking its rightful place, I’m confident that ALL Canadians , no matter where they are from will now rally around Babcock’s boys to finish off the mighty Bruins and move another step closer to Lord Stanley’s Cup.


A chance for Canadian’s to unite, and for all to feel what its truly like to be a Torontonian !!!



I guess by that logic we should all be Jays and Raps fans as well. Good stuff.

And TFC fans.

Not my team.

Game 7 for “Canada’s? team

Wish them well. In my humble opinion the leafs need a elite level goalie. Anderson is not the answer. It’s annoying how many goals he allows by going down, sometimes way to early

Hmm. I’ll disagree with you on this one. Although I don’t think he is the best goalie in the NHL like apparently Don Cherry does - he has been the Leafs best or 2nd best player in this series.

Almost put up a shutout in Game 5 and was definitely the best Leafs player on the ice through the first two periods today. He was also selected as the 2nd Star of the game on for both Games 1 and 3.

Today if not for his multiple brilliant saves through the first two periods today the Bruins whould have been up by at least 3 or 4 goals heading into the third.

For Leafs to have any chance Tuesday the rest of the team has to play a lot better than they did today.

Didn’t know Matthews Kapanen Andersen Zaitsev Gardiner and others were good Canadian boys. Fact is every team is made up of Canadians Americans Swedes Czechs Russians Finns etc.
Team Canada is at the Olympics and the World Championships.
This “Canadian team” myth is crap made up by the media to give people a rooting interest and a reason to watch their stupid ads featuring good Canadian boys like Nylander.

Did Tavares play today :wink:

Tavares played. He wasn’t great but had several threats to score. Rugged, solid player that is highest paid Leaf.

Babcock came down with a bad case of P.M.D. (Paul Maurice Disease) where a few of his coaching decisions were questionable. . . . . Maurice makes far more mistakes btw.

Bruins, especially Marchand & Bergeron seemed to start buzzing this game. Leafs pretty much in it despite being badly outshot & having Andersen keep them in it.

Game 7 should be classic. Have to favor Boston but u never know. Chara is 42/43 and will only have 1 full day to recover from 24 minutes of hardcore ice-time.

Leafs have done far better than most experts thought. I had predicted the series would go deep - 6 or 7 and predicted the Bruins to finally advance.

Not tooting my own horn, cuz I’m not the biggest hockey fan/savant out there but I admit erring in the Wpg/St. Lou series. Figured there were only 2 outcomes. St. Louis n 4 or 5. Didn’t count on 6 - but the Jets essentially abandoned G6, allowing the Blues to walk all over them and push the Jets defense into their own net when required.

Second that .

Use to feel that way about Canadian teams in the NHL when I was a kid but over the years you realize the NHL is Canada . It’s our sport .

Whenever they win in some place like Washington . Anaheim or Tampa Bay I think wow our sport Hockey has come along way since 5000 in Pittsburgh or St Louis moving to Saskatoon rumours .

The NHL to succeed the way it is now and players making a fortune on a sport for many Americans at one time was as foreign as curling is now is remarkable .

I use to look at attendance like I do the CFL when looking at NHL stats . Not anymore they sell out it seems everywhere now .

No longer do I see if sports illustrated is interested or the US city cares . WE successfully exported a pro sport south .

The NHL is Canada . Doesn’t matter who you cheer for we are the straw still to this day . Toronto is no more Canada’s team than the Bruins are now . Never knew how many cheered for them or the Hawks and Wings . But there is more than I ever thought growing up .

The first team I ever cheered for the and team I have cheered the most for over the last 45 years was the Flyers.

I just stopped.

total stupidity. makes my blood boil.

I cheered for the flyers when they played Toronto in the 70s. Specially loved it when the Leafs won the first two games in 77 and then Flyers won the next 4. Either game 3 or game 4 had the flyers down by 3 goals with 5 minutes to go. Leafs fans had the series won. I thought at the time, wouldn’t it serve them right if the flyers came back to win it. They did.

Now, I will cheer for the Leafs to beat the Flyers.

Game 7 should be a Classic ? I beg to differ. After 2013/2018 the Leafs are psyched before they even get on the plane today.

Expect a blowout in Boston, and I’ll happily eat my words. Our game and no one left.

I believe if you are referring to the first post, He was not talking Nationality of the players but that Toronto is the last Canadian Team left in Lord Stanley’s Playoffs.

It’s not a myth.

Dem’s fightin memes, bobo !

I can’t believe this team. how can you not win that game ? It isn’t so much that Boston was better as it is the Leafs tanked. Constant giveaways and too much individual effort. They are dumping the puck to make line changes. Not good. Remember the women’s Team Canada doing this crap ? What is Babcock telling them ?

…as the last team left from the Great White North I hope the Leafs can pull off a game seven win…

Well, playing like they did in that last game ain’t the way to do it !

He has been invisible. the problem with bringing in a guy like him is he is used to being the go-to guy and it takes a while, if ever, for him to adjust to just being one of the boys who can score. They should have given him the ‘C’ when he got there instead of all the rumour crap that happened. He needs to lead. Just like the Nylander rebirth, Tavares needs to feel needed… there also needs to be hierarchy…What I am seeing is a bunch of players playing individually, each trying to be the hero.

I have to agree but it’s the sign of the times . People today put judgement on people in a whole different era . God Bless America was written by someone jewish and the Klu Klux Klan hated it because of it’s creator so talk about how crazy it is .

The song and the doll were a product of an era which was ignorant at the time .

The acceptance by the general population by making fun of a race was seen as
entertainment . The Marx brothers and other movies at the time used the song .

That would be like 20 years from now degrading Carrol O’connor for his portrayal
of Archie using the N word and other race names . It was a laugh at the bigots expense but it was still used . Norman Lear today would be trashed if he tried that today . Even though that was never his intent ; it was still used for getting a laugh.

I don’t believe we should use todays standards on people who had a much smaller world to obtain their ideas .

LA is considering removing John Wayne’s statue as well because a playboy interview in 1970 which was tainted .

When you consider twitter craziness and Kevin Hart this year with the oscars it’s going to get a lot worse .

I believe actions should be judged not words alone as what I am typing right now can be used as agreeing with bigotry which I don’t but I do believe those that
are judging others by a standard no one can live up to are being sanctimonious .