Toronto Maple Leaf Swede to receive the first Volvo XC 40 in Canada

Volvo a Swedish company owned by China but still very much Swedish is bringing a new type of SUV to Canada and using NHL player William Nylander as their ambassador .

Volvo is trying a new technique by using Volvo Care it is a one price deal that involves everything you can imagine . It is trying it out with the new XC40 .

You get everything including lease fee ,insurance and maintenance at one price per month for 24 months . It even allows you to lend your vehicle to other people using a telephone app . In some places they pick up the car and return it when it needs maintenance .

Not sure how this all works as insurance varies by province , driver and experience .

Interesting idea though .

After returning from the Ottawa Car show and speaking to a Volvo representative I found that my assumption that you cannot do insurance inclusion in Canada was correct .

The US it seems can include insurance with their cars but with our insurance system it is a no go . Volvo Care in Canada will not be the game changer like it's US counterpart . Sounded too good to be true . Still like to know how they can do it in the US .