Toronto - Liquor License suspension Argos/Bombers Aug.1st

I have to wonder why the Argo fans are not allowed the same option as Blue Jays fans to exchange their tickets for another date? ( not that I would ever want an exchange myself for the simple reason of no booze for sale)

Suspended Liquor License Means Dry Jays, Argos Games

Saturday April 4, 2009 Staff

Some Jays and Argos games will be dry this season as the Rogers Centre copes with a suspended liquor license.

There's no word on exactly what caused the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to issue the temporary ban. In a press release, the company referred to "certain past events" but did not get into specifics.

A total of three matches will see a complete lack of booze in the stadium:

Toronto Blue Jays vs Detroit Tigers, April 7
Toronto Blue Jays vs Texas Rangers, April 21
Toronto Argonauts vs Winnipeg Blue Bombers, August 1

Rogers is allowing those who bought baseball tickets to exchange them for another date, but the same option was not offered to football fans.

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images.

Rogers Communications owns the Jays but it does not own the Argo franchise. Would it not be up to the Argo owners rather than Rogers to decide whether its fans can exchange tickets from a "dry" game day to a "non-dry" game day?

sabatage, this probable happened during one of those nfl games and rogers will rufuse to disclose.

Let's not forget that individual game tickets haven't gone on sale yet, and the three-game flex packs were on sale for two days prior to this announcement. Not alot of tickets to exchange yet in any case.

Maybe it will explain why back-packs, bags etc. have to be searched at venues which hold a Liquor License.

It doesn’t take much to run afoul of the regs.

Why didn't they pick the Bills game in T.O. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Obviously some MAJOR discrimination here.

I would like to hear the details on what happened and why the two blue jays games and one Argo game was picked, It appears that Rogers got a say in the matter by picking certain games ??


The same thing happened for the Motley Crue concert last year at the Molson Amphitheatre.

They choose specific dates so it hurts these venues in the pocket book.

In my opinion, if you are found to be in violation and your license is suspended, it should be for the first 3 events that happen after the announcement.

It's total BS. All it is, is a couple people, get too sauced, cause a scene and it gets pulled. I would really like to see the report of why they are getting their license suspended.

I am surprised that they didn't do the Bills game. But really, when you charge 12 bucks for a beer, not too many people are buying.

Two Jays games out of 80? One Argos's game out of 10?

Why are the Argo's paying the higher price based on percentages?

More details needed forsure !

It actually usually isn't because of fan disruption, but because inspectors repeatedly catch vendors not consulting identification (or not consulting it properly) during an event. Remember the brouhaha about the popular old beer vendor at the Rogers Centre that was fired because he was nailed for this? It probably stems from that and other events.

if i had to take a guess it would be because violations happened at both.

Because the Blue team S**ks. Who cares. Also, if the Blue team allowed exchanges for that game no one would be in the stands.

8) Well your half right there !!! But to be really honest, both Blue Teams S**K , the Argos and the Blue Jays are one and the same !!!! :lol: