Toronto Just Got Sucker Punched!!

They had a view looking down field from behind and show nothing more than incidental contact. Again, typical of a Proulx crew. Like the TiCats said after the Grey Cup last year, they shouldn't have let it come down to an officials call that could sink them (paraphrasing). And the Argos blew that game 7 ways from Sunday in the first half alone.

There was nothing accidental about that grab. Toronto got lucky it was only a 10 yard penalty. This team was the least disciplined in the league all season and they went down because of it.

Undisciplined teams at this time of the season falls on the coaches. I understand the "heat of game" penalties, but too many costs games, and the officials are just doing what they have done all season, look to shine on the big stage by tossing flags. Hamilton played well, special teams gave them short fields to work with. Toronto gifted the win, with missed field goals and Grant's TD. But you can't lay the blame on a couple of players. Ray had a decent game. It could have gone either way, but Hamilton earned the win.

Toronto's season started to unravel before the fist ball was snapped when Barker and Milanovich had a falling out with Tim Burke and the bad decisions just kept coming all season.

that's like saying it's the drug counselors' fault if an addict relapses.

coaches can stress the importance of discipline til the cows come home but at some point players have to take accountability when taking dumb penalties.

Any doubts still about Harris leaving ? :wink:

Not an appropriate analogy at all.

The coach is responsible for all aspects of the teams game and if someone does not work toward the team goals it is the coach who holds the player accountable. Has Scotty sat a single player for undisciplined play all season? At all?

The face mask inside the 5 that gave Hamilton some breathing room can be forgiven as a player trying to desperately make a tackle that got by him, but 3 roughing the passer penalties? Well after the ball was gone on key plays in a drive. There are, and have never been, consequences on Millanovich's team for this type of play and that's why it happened on Sunday and a big part of why their season is over.

Yeah, what was up with using MacPherson. Aside from the fact he hasn't had more than 20-30 snaps all year, if he wanted to platoon for some reason why not Harris? Seems like a huge spit in the face.

If Harris signs with the Argos next year he's a masochist and a fool.

well Harris has Barker's nads firmly clenched in the vice grip now.

Ray had a subpar game and the Argos were quickly eliminated from the playoffs...a perfect scenario for Harris and his grinning agent.
the question is, does Harris want to return to the Argos after being cast aside like a three eyed trout?

I still believe he will test the FA waters before signing with any team though.

Ray's day was not subpar. He out performed Masoli and had good number by current CFL standards. Coaching staff let him and the rest of the team down. As well as selfish players like Foley taking stupid unnesessary penalties.

I'm not so sure you can say that Ray outperformed Masoli. Masoli had a higher completion percentage, more yards per completion, more yards per attempt, and as many touchdowns (and interceptions) as Ray. He also had 58 yards and a touchdown rushing.

Ray will get into the Hall of Fame based on his success in Edmonton and his first year in Toronto. Since then, Toronto has a better record with Ray on the IR than on the field.


I believe he sat Hazelton for a whole game due to his penalties. I remember a few other times him sitting people for a series of plays - I think he did once with Gurly maybe? I don't know for sure, but I do know about Hazelton. Here's the article:

[url=] ... e-1.366740[/url]

So he has, at least tried, to keep players accountable by doing exactly what you said he should. He benched him. I think Hazelton has taken less penalties since then. But he can't sit the whole team. Although, that's funny to consider if he just said, "You starters are taking too many stupid penalties. I'm playing only 3rd or 4th string and our practice roster guys this game."

Toronto has a young team with talented rookies. Rookies, whether they're new to playing at the professional level or new to the CFL game, very likely commit more penalties than veteran players. I don't know what percentage of players who committed penalties this game were rookies (or more accurately, 2 years or less experienced), but I'm guessing that's why all year Toronto has been one of the most penalized teams in the league.

  1. Obviously he hasn't done it enough because the message has not gotten through,

  2. Foley is no rookie and neither is Liang, two of the worst offenders, and

  3. This is not a young team, this is a team and should know better.

If Millanovich can't fix this problem in 3 years what leads you to believe he will ever fix it or that he himself is not the problem.

I like Jim Barker as GM, but he doesn't seem to keep continuity in the receiving corps from year to year. Usually a complete overhaul which is frustrating to watch.
I'd like to see Owens, Gurley, Spencer and Bates remain. I'm tired of seeing rookies across the field. Hopefully Durie returns and can stay healthy or I'd say it's time for him to retire and Coombs to fill that role.

I'm looking forward to watching this argos off season unfold as a new hope is prevalent.

Its simple math. He's got so much money tied up in Ray and Owens that he has to choose. Since receivers are one of the easiest to integrate it makes sense.

I meant subpar for him.
Ray cannot be blamed for the loss as the surrounding team failed him during critical moments but at the same time Ray was not at his best and may never be again.

in any event, he is still better than many current CFL starters and will garner serious interest if the Argos let him go to FA.

Barker is part of the discipline problem. He brought in Mitchell and Emery and brought Foley and Adriano Belli back knowing these guys can hurt you at the worst moment.

I hope the rumours of Barker leaving are true.

At his age coming off a shoulder injury he's not going to be the same QB as even 2 years ago. Also, the standard has changed. Use to be 220 yards for a QB was a good half of work, now it's an OK game.

Only problem is when Barker leaves he takes the entire coaching staff, the vending machine and posters on the wall with him. Even goes around desk drawers to make sure he's not leaving a candy bar behind.