Toronto Just Got Sucker Punched!!

Toronto and the Media Just got Sucker Punched by Kent Austin's Tiger-Cats, Jeremiah Masoli and crew.

Great team effort, great fans just beat Ricky Ray Mr. Hall of Fame according to the media and Chad Owens and the so called all-star Argo team.

Great kick by Justin Medlock the best kicker in the CFL.

An all-star in Ray beat by a 4th string QB ha-ha Take that Johnny No Charm and No Brains!!

Next week it's time to Rip apart the cry baby of the CFL in Henry Burris were coming for you Hank The Crank!!!


Are you saying Ricky Ray is not HOF ? :roll: :roll: :roll:

Ricky Ray will be in the hall of fame.....

Not Rays fault. Who's idiotic idea was it to platoon McPherson in the 1st? Who couldn't control his team from taking one selfish penalty after another? Who could couldn't stop a 4th string QB from marching the field in the 4th quarter more than once?

Hamilton played well and deserved the win. The loss falls on the shoulders of the Millanovich. The Argos will not win another playoff game with this idiot as head coach.

I'm saying your not HOF material not even close, Ricky Ray is but he just got dumped by a heavily rated underdog team in the Tiger-Cats and by a 4th string QB in Masoli who the media couldn't even imagine would out perform the Argos, lets put this game into the mouths of all the pro's in the media who said the Cats would lose to Ricky Ray?

What happened, ARGOS SUCK!!


You werev 2.5 point favourites on nearly all betting sites. This outcome wasnt that surprising, your defence and special teams are very strong. Masoli on offence does not scare me though.

I'm OK with that.

BIGCAT - don't forget to keep it classy.

I may be a Cats fan but am not under any delusion that Masoli outplayed Ray.
Take off the black and gold visors and you'll see that Ray had the better game.

Waters left too many points off the board and the Cats special teams were top notch as usual.

Masoli must improve on his reads/checkdowns/release by next week or the RB's who had a whopping league high 61 sacks will eat him alive.

It's easy to argue to argue that special teams made the difference. Waters goes 2 for 4 on FGs, while Medlock goes 3 for 3. Almost 200 return yards by Banks, versus a little over 100 by the blue guys. In a three-point game, each of those stats made the difference between winning and losing.

Millanovich beat the Argos. That and undisciplined penalties. Agree about the STs though. Best the Cats STs have looked in the last 2 months. Other than the near disaster on Waters first punt when he almost recovered it they won the field position battle on STs going away.

Very entertaining game!

Despite Proulx's best attempts to steal the spotlight from the players it was a very good game.

Milanovich and Barker who proclamed. They were the new power in the East got what they deserved.

The play calling by Brady the OC and overall decision making by the HC all year long left a lot to be desired.
I have no problems with both leaving.

Both Milanovich and Barker signed 3 year extensions beginning next season

[url=] ... -contracts[/url]

Ray is a pale shadow of his former self, it doesn't mean he isn't deserving of being in the Hall of Fame. I think the Argos are too much in love with Ray and their reason is too clouded by the memory of the QB he once was. I have no doubt that if Trevor Harris started to today, or even came in the fourth quarter, Toronto would have won...

Disagree. Ray did not cost them that game, Millanovich did. His lack of control of the team which has made them one of the most penalized teams in the league under his tenure, defensive schemes that allowed the Cats to run the ball unchallenged in the 4th, their inability to protect Ray, Waters leaving too many points on the field and the inability to beat a 4th string QB.

Harris would have done no better under Millanovich's disastrous approach to this game.

You know what, I'm going to give the devil his due. Except for that bizarre accidental pass interference call near the start of the game, and a couple of O-Line holds and facemasks the Argos committed (which were really tough calls to make) the game was well reffed in my eyes.

Getting back to that PI call a distance, it looks like Isaiah Green performed a slightly early tackle on Bakari Grant, but not one that should have been called PI. That said, it should have been full PI from that distance, not accidental.

Looking at the replay though, it looks like Green looks up to the ball, see's he won't be able to make a play and knocks Grant's arm down well before the ball arrives. I don't think that should have been accidental at all.

The phantom PI/accidental PI was the most ludicrous point of the game. Between Proulx and the command centre they looked liked clueless keystone cops.

I thought the first half was horrible. Proulx seemed determined to be the star.

That looks like a pretty clear arm grab to me, so I wouldn't have called it a phantom call. I will agree on the keystone cops point though.