Toronto "Home" Opener

So, Unless you are a STH with those who we shall not name - you can't get single game tickets to the June 27 Opener untill June 1st.

Think there's anything coming from Ticat's office to get us in early?

I don't know about the rest of you, but i'd love to make their special day terrible by filling BMO with swaths of black and gold.

Yes, yes, yes :thup: :thup: :thdn:

I think we could by flex packs and use all the tickets for that game. We could organize on the forum and split them up. Looking at last year, they had 10-ticket and six picket pack. So say you got three guys together, that could be three to the BMO opener and three for the Labour Day Rematch.

Does anyone know the depth of the endzones at BMO Field? The renditions that I've seen on" that there innernet " suggest less than 20 yards. The CFL regulation used to be 25 yards but that was changed to 20. I know that the "soccer people" didn't want real football played in this taxpayer built stadium but have they now allowed for a full CFL field or will this be arena football outdoors? :?

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I think in the CFL forum there is a thread about 17yd endzones at BMO. Renderings show a proposed 17 yd endzone and 6 yard 'run off' before the walls. Still no statement from either the team, BMO/Bell, or the CFL though.

I'm sure if you asked though they'd tell you they are "going to bring you the best possible CFL experience at BMO fields" blahblahblah.

Pat.......Endzones will be at least 17 yards deep , I believe they are hoping for more, it just depends on how much space they want between the end of the endzone and the wall or whatever. So, no it will not be arena football outdoors . I am just so happy they are out of that damn dome and away from Rogers . Hope this helps.

I will share a pack of tickets if required.

I'll need three. Let's pack BMO with Black and Gold!!

No offense intended sir/ma'am, but I don't necessarily trust someone to make good on a purchase if I've only ever communicated with them via an internet forum. Now say if the team had a block of tickets we could purchase ahead of the general public........maybe it'd be easier for us Tabbies faithful to bring tiger-town down the QEW for a day.

Ticats, are you listening?

Anyone can PM me and I will meet up or do whatever is necessary to make this work.